Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike


Will have to see how this plays out. I wouldn’t imagine it would be good for domestic sales of Nike shoes given the controversy around Kaepernick. That being said I could care less if that’s the person they want to put on the new face for Nike it’s their call. My only gripe as a fan of Nike shoes, is they were usually associated with awesome athletes - Michael Jordan, Selena Williams, Tiger Woods etc… Kaepernick was a second round QB, so obviously this is a political move, I am not sure how it will play out with their stock.


I am not sure if this will be a positive or negative move for Nike, time will tell. A lot of people say they will boycott things but in retrospect they actually don’t.


Yep, without a doubt.


Old fat white people just dont buy NIKE anyway


Except for their kids.


Totally absurd.


I give props to Nike for having the balls to take a stand. I think some people who get uptight at things like this will be surprised at how many people agree.


Nope strictly a business decision.



Robert Passikoff, founder of marketing consultancy Brand Keys, said an ad like Nike’s will divide people, but the outrage won’t last. “My guess is that the audience that is reacting so badly to this aren’t buying a lot of Nikes anyway,” he said. “They’ll move on to the next thing. Welcome to the 21st century.”



LOL. Ya think, The faux outrage will be over next week.

Kaep, Nike Spokesperson is just the flavor of the day.



The balls to take a stand against what? Oppression? Perhaps they’d be better served not having their products made in a country that persists in human rights violations on the daily, eh? Or apologizing for their own brand of oppression?


Do cons actually think they’ll hurt Nike? Nike’s too big for a stupid little short-time boycott to hurt them.


Conservatives hate alternate opinions. They boycott on a dime. Or destroy their Keurigs.


Kaepernick lead his team to a Super Bowl and multiple playoff appearances. How many QBs in the nfl can say that?


Kids love being rebels. Look for kids to be writing Nike on their xmas lists


I would have seen 2 weeks for less


The only thing they know about Kaepernick is what Fox News has told them.


Parents buy shoes, the 40 and up category you’re denigrating. Nike already lost $4billion in a day over this. Good luck to them.


I had him on my fantasy squad as a backup back in the day. He coulda been the next Tebow.


Nike thought long and hard about this. They knew what people like you were going to say. They knew Fox News was going to make it the biggest story of the day. They knew people were going to burn the Nike gear they’d already paid for. They knew Trump would rage-tweet about it. Nike is going to be just fine.