SUPREME SHOWDOWN: House Judiciary Dem Says It’s ‘Likely’ Kavanaugh Will Be Investigated | Sean Hannity

A recently sworn-in Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee told supporters this week that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will “likely” be investigated for lying to Congress during his confirmation hearings last year.

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The only reason Judge Kavanaugh is being investigated is he is a Conservative Judge who adheres to the Constitution as it is the Rule of Law.

Well as long as they are looking into judges… There is a ■■■■ load of federal judges that are over stepping their authority & ruling on their beliefs & not LAW… So let’s investigate ALL the judges if the DEMOCRATS want to be fair & impartial…
(which we know they ARE NOT)
I do agree it is because Trump appointed a TRUE Constitutional judge & he will go by the LAW & NOT BY PARTY LINES… like the dems want… I can’t wait for Trumps next pick… (to be soon😁)

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Where are the criminal referrals of Avanotti and his liars? Indict every witch. Investigate the 9th Circuit Court with a judicial review. Why do Republicans always bring a knife to a gun fight. Investigate Feinstein for having a Chinese spy.
Why do we never fight back?

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Demos want to keep wasting our tax dollars just to accomplish their own evil, greedy wicked agenda, then we need to start docking their pay! They want to depose a Constitutional judge with unfounded unsubstantiated accusations! I’m tired of these evil demons in our government!