SUPREME SHOWDOWN: House Judiciary Dem Says It’s ‘Likely’ Kavanaugh Will Be Investigated | Sean Hannity

A recently sworn-in Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee told supporters this week that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will “likely” be investigated for lying to Congress during his confirmation hearings last year.

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I hope that since Joe from Colorado has already made his mind up on the matter, that he has the honor to recuse himself from taking part in any investigation into Kavanaugh.

I remember when I was a kid and learned how to spell by the commercial BOLOGNA!

The only ones who lied during the hearings were the supporters of his accusers. Is the committee going to investigate Feinstein for holding back the letter and then releasing it to the press at the last minute?

How about investigating who donated the money to Blasey Ford’s "GoFundMe account ? Easy way to provide a “payoff” (beside the cherished book and movie deals…) to pay someone off for their services of trashing the candidate…

Why don’t the Dems just add a 4th K to the KKK for Kavanaugh?

Again? Oh, please do. This time you pay for the investigation instead of the tax payers.

These radical left snowflake democrats will stop at nothing.
One may admire their tenacity, but in essence they are the poster children for fruitless efforts.
This label “investigate” is nothing more than a well worn tiresome buzz term used to create yet another left wing narrative.
Like the little kid threatening to rat on their sibling…“You’re in so much trouble. Just wait til I tell mom”…

Our country did not turn like this overnight, and Americans are asking themselves “Where or more important, who fabricated these Loons?”
I can tell you and it took them 30 years to produce, but they were willing to wait.
The most useless government agency on planet earth, the Department of Education. They through senseless dogma have produced two generations that if combined still could not reach the intelligence of Newt Gingrich. We sadly are all victims of the 4500 employees that toil everyday trying to figure out how to spend 68, 000, 000, 000.00 dollars.
We did well without until the useless one, Jimmy Carter signed its charter to operate.
These people have produced the Ocasio Cortez of Congressional fame who thought she could sign bills when she got into office.
If your under 50, there’s a good chance you might be dumber than a cork.
We still insist that kids take algebra in high school but in a recent poll of engineers, only 1/4 of 1% use it.
These are the individuals that want to investigate Kavanaugh once again.
The bottom feeders like Schumer who’s net worth is about 10 million and Pelosi has 150 million without her husband’s money.
These two individuals are in charge, and they prevent normal housekeepers and and a host of other furloughed workers from working and now we are going into RIF, meaning layoffs and many will never work in government again.
Trump caved in, and Pelosi was to busy, as she was filling up an USAF jet with 93 family members that she was bringing along. Trump stopped it, but it still cost taxpayers a million dollars in prepping for her vacation. I heard that she might be prison barge material as she is under a sealed indictment.
Yee Haa