Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban

It’s not my fault you chose to self identify to a post not directed at you.

Here is the article from April that Chad now meets requirments and was dropped from the Travel ban list.

So much for it being a muslim ban :smiley:


Didn’t it get scuttled at the outset by judicial action? So it never went into place.

So let the 90 days start now.

But actually the point here is that Trump (or any president) DOES have the authority to do this, and the next round of lib heel-nipping will get swatted like it should have with the travel ban interference.

So it takes the administration 3 revisions and finally get a 5-4 vote.
I understand that above the other courts, the SCOTUS only pays attention to the exact wording that is used.
And that fact still does not excuse the fact that this thing was originally put out with religious animus.
I am wondering if or how this ruling might effect changes in DACA rulings.

Because never-Trumpers are running interference and throwing as much sand in the gears as they can – not just on this issue, but on everything Trump is doing. Slogging through political mud makes things take longer.

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No thanks. They’ve had plenty of time to get their ■■■■ together.

That’s an awfully convenient excuse for this administration’s ineptitude.


Exactly. I don’t have an issue with a president exercising his constitutional authority in such a way. It was supposed to be temporary, however until 'we figure things out." Well, it’s been a year and a half now. Where’s the extreme vetting? Why are some countries with close terrorist ties left off the list?

In other words, Trump isn’t up to the task of being president. We know.

It’s just more right-wing finger-pointing. Seriously-Guv just blamed everyone else, and not Trump, for Trump not doing the job he said he would do. It’s THEIR fault, not Trump’s. If they would just stop saying mean things about Trump, he could finally stop responding to them on Twitter, and he could actually work. How dare they force him to Tweet like this instead of just letting him work!

Thanks for this link. I never really thought it was a Muslim ban…even though I do believe Trump would like to do just that. But people smarter than he had to reign him back in to reality. It seems the extreme vetting requires certain requirements being met on the other nation’s part, and without that, no entry. You know I oppose Trump in many ways, but this actually makes sense to me. And I’ve argued all along, this power is within the scope of the Executive Branch.

That’s because, however, they weren’t originally on the list in the first place and were added due to a glitch. From your own article:

Chad was put on the list last September because of an office supply glitch that prevented it from supplying homeland security officials with recent samples of its passports. U.S. officials also said Chad was unable to adequately share public safety and terrorism-related information with U.S. officials who screen foreigners seeking to enter the country.

It seems to me that the “extreme vetting” part is the requirement of certain documentation to be accumulated by the country of origin, before any of their citizens would be allowed entry. That actually makes sense to me, because we cannot allow people in without having a reasonable assurance of who they are, and what their background is.

This right here is the bigger concern for me. And it is a great question!

There is no ineptitude. Vetting measures are in place. Part of the extreme vetting includes actions that must be taken by the countries of origin to be removed from the banned list. Countries which do not do those things remain banned indefinitely. You really should learn something about which you speak.

It certainly wasn’t an unwillingness from the government of Chad. And look how quickly that was resolved?

Do you not see how quickly we went from “it’ll be temporary, I’ll put my extreme vetting program in place” to “sorry, their fault, can’t do anything about it.” Well, we were vetting people before, and it’s not like we had some major influx of terrorists from other countries in the decade and a half prior to Trump. So either things were working pretty well before and Trump was just whipping his base into a frenzy, or Trump really does know better than the rest of us and has our best interest at heart. I suspect I know which of those you believe to be true.

With Chad and Iraq being removed from the list. I think the new vetting policy has been established, and as soon as the other contries comply, the ban will be lifted for them as well.

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Oh, there’s ineptitude. This is the government we’re talking about here. A government run by Donald Trump. I get there are a lot of moving pieces and other countries have responsibilities. But let’s not give this administration a pass. They’ve had over a year to get things ironed out in the background.

Well, obviously it is not because Trump is altruistic and just looking out for us. Of course it is just another dog-whistle for some in his base, and red meat for the rest.

However, with that said, I’m okay with requiring these levels of documentation from originating countries before being allowed in.

Chad wasn’t on the list originally to begin with, and was only added due to a glitch. I don’t see how that establishes a new vetting policy. We know exactly why Chad was added and removed. Perhaps shed some light into what is keeping the rest of the nations on the list? Or are you just giving us your best guess? That’s what it sounds like when you say “I think…”

And they are ironed out. What do you expect them to do? Advertise what vetting measures are being taken so terrorist can defeat them?