Supreme Court upholds Trump travel ban

Just getting up knowing Hillary lost, and America was saved is great. All else is gravy.

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I’ll feel better after Trump appoints another justice that does not have TDS.

Really big win for free speech and pro life people in another SCOTUS decision today too

What was the case that was ruled on?

Sotomayor’s dissent

yes… Sotomayor’s dissent = “The constitution should be ignored”…

It’s not a final victory, but the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on NIFLA v Becerra makes it clear what the ultimate outcome will be. The ruling strikes down forced-speech laws in California that apply to pro-life crisis pregnancy centers that require them to provide referrals to abortion centers, among other issues. In the majority opinion written by Justice Clarence Thomas, the court reversed the Ninth Circuit and the district court’s decision not to grant a temporary injunction against the state while the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates fought the law in court.

Thomas and the four conservative justices ruled that NIFLA was likely to prevail on the merits against the forced-speech requirements imposed by California:

This is great news for pro lifers, because the authoritiarians in California were forcing pro life pregnancy centers to tell people who claim to their clinics about abortion alternatives.

This is forced speech, not free speech. So happy SCOTUS smacked them down.

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Good news! :+1:

Yep, definitely is good news.

With the fed gov there is no such thing as temporary. Once they get that foothold, they NEVER let go. That is why it is important to fight those things you wish not to happen at the beginning before they are implemented. Government just about NEVER rolls anything back.:neutral_face:

That really should have been a 9 to 0 decision. The government has no business compelling speech. And if the case had been anything other than abortion, it probably would have been unanimous.

There are other ways to deal with the situation that don’t violate the First Amendment. California could post a notice on a public right of way outside Crisis Pregnancy Centers with contact information for public health centers.

Yup. Going slowly.

That’s not the same as “not doing the job”, which is what you said.

Glad I could straighten that out for you.

After another Trump SCOTUS appointment, more of these will be 6-3.

It takes time.


Prove the “Extreme vetting plan” is even happening at all. That’s the real kicker here. You assume it’s happening, yet it took the Trump administration a year and a half, give or take, to finally get a constitutional travel ban in place. How is “extreme vetting” any different from the vetting that took place under Obama anyway?

How can this be I thought the travel ban was racist? The Dem’s go down in flames again, you would think Dem’s would tire of losing to Trump.


Because you demand it?

You should know better than that by now.

On the surface I agree. But since they didn’t rule in total, and instead kicked it back, I’d have to read the dissenting opinion(s) for the rationale.