Supreme Court rules for Petitioner Carpenter in Carpenter v United States, this is a major victory for the Fourth Amendment

Thanks. I look at it as my property too.

The 4the amendment is the bane of old school conservatives. Most of them won’t admit it though

Why do you say that?

I agree with this. It really shouldn’t be a requirement that my personal information be up to the discretion of a 3rd party just because I’ve entered into an business arrangement with them. I need cell phone service, I shouldn’t have my 4th amendment rights violated by the company I am doing business with.

I know the common response to this would probably be… well find a provider that explicitly states they wont release information without warrant. Problem up until today the 4 major carriers did it with nothing more than a request or a subpoena. As did a minority of the lesser known carriers who leased towers from the major carriers

I’m my opinion this is a good ruling and it should have been unanimous. In addition Congress needs to get around to passing legislation requiring cell phone companies to get explicit opt in permission to share this data.

You don’t count you are a true believer. Sorry

I am talking about the decades long fight by some constitutionalists who argued against the right to privacy, incorporation of the 4th amendment, Miranda, terry stops, etc

Safiel is a good egg for doing these threads.

As useful as any national news site in his reporting…

I’m pleased with the ruling as well…