Supreme Court Order List (11/02/20) (Per curiam in favor of Black Lives Matter)

If what you organized was a crime, yes. If I plan a bank robbery but tell my people not to shoot anyone and someone does it anyway, what happens? We charge every one of them with murder, don’t we?

Yes, and it’s wrong. What is right is to charge everybody with bank robbery and the killer with murder. Do you know why “we” do that?

Is protesting a “crime”? It’s certainly not bank robbery.

If the planner plans to throw bricks, gives instructions, hands out bricks, etc., that is something different. Did he?

So then the courts would be inconsistent in this ruling agreed? Because charging them all has been the standard for a long while. And no, protesting is not automatically a crime, but protesting without a permit or in a manner that harms others is. Shutting down highways as an example, can cost people’s lives when emergency vehicles are impeded. We charge the people who plan bank robberies because they know the potential for someone being harmed when they planned it.

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For bank robberies yes, this wasn’t a bank robbery. When protestors block roads, do police arrest the planners or the people actually in tge road?

Did McKeeson plan to throw bricks?

If what they planned was blocking the road they should be charged with criminal conspiracy and held liable for any injury that occurs as a result. Just as any person who plans a gas station robbery would be.

Good Lord. Go read the Constitution.

Care to be more specific?

1st Amendment.

The first amendment means I can speak and protest anywhere and at any time? I don’t think so. Can I hold a protest in your living room next weekend? Just a few hundred of us. Nothing too big.

Sure, come on over. BYOB. I don’t have bricks.

You plan a protest. I shoot a cop. Which one of us is liable?

Again, if what I planned was a crime. both of us. Same as if I planned a home invasion and one of my people murdered the occupant even though I told him not to do that.

But lets use a more analogous crime, say shoplifting. If I shoplift and my partner injures the guard, am I blameless?

Protesting without a permit is not a crime, it is a violation of an ordinance. It’s not a home invasion.

Roads are public access.

You’re lashing out.

Protesting without a permit can absolutely be a crime, depends. There are exceptions for spontaneous protests in response to recent events. But since we are talking about planned illegal protests that isn’t relevant. Nor would the crime be “illegal protest” but instead disorderly conduct or trespass. And public roads being public access does not mean you can legally obstruct others from using them without a permit.

And no, I am not lashing out, I thought I was having a legal discussion.

It is a violation of an ordinance. What are they charged with if run in?

Lashing out using the law like that is very dangerous.

The ruling was correct. Do the police work, find the guy who committed the crime and charge him.

Thought I already answered, the crimes they are usually charged with are disorderly, failure to follow a lawful order or trespass. All of which are crimes. If you conspire to commit a crime, you have committed criminal conspiracy.

Not “illegal protesting”?

Are we into the semantics portion of the debate? If they planned and organized an illegal act, they are responsible if anyone gets hurt. Whether that be disorderly conduct or trespass. Calling it a protest doesn’t exempt you from those laws. Any more than calling my gas station heist a protest would.

It was a protest.