Supreme Court Judge Kennedy's Son gave Trump $1B

Hmm, perhaps the notion of impropriety here? Nah couldnt be. just business as usual right folks. nothing to see here. move along. Move right along.

Apparently Kenenndys son is trumps boy over at Duetsch Bank. My oh my what a tangled web indeed.

Enetr Libbie heads statrting to explode comments. Hey, I love it when the right sees no wrong in wrong and thats why they are so right. is a link to an Esquire article.

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I’m sitting here like “there’s no way this administration got that corrupt that fast.”

And then I’m like “wait, how come we didn’t learn about this until two days after Kennedy retired?”

And then I’m like “good God what else don’t we know.”


For pities sake, give a freaking rest? You bunch jump on anything to draw a warped conclusion of delusional collusion.


1 billion that’s nothing…if it had been a 2 billion dollar loan then maybe

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At this point I can only sit back and laugh

Hows that?

How is it not? ■■■ does a loan from a bank suddenly become illegal or unethical entanglement?

There’s this:

Basically, the kids were a “back channel” between Trump and Kennedy.

I would say who cares, but then again, I love watching you guys spin your gears :smiley:

ok. I’m a dummy.

What is the supposed quid pro quo?


My first reaction as well, but they are libs… better to just laugh

Draining the swap, Trump style.

We’re America, bitches!

comey saw Justice Kennedy talking to a russian down by the old water wheel.

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And the left wonders where Trump gets the whole " Fake News " thing from. He gets it from all the " Fake News ".


So trump is making decisions using false information Talk about making excuses

Prime example of fake news.

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[quote=“Hellsbane, post:16, topic:5829, full:true”]

Prime example of fake news.
[/quote] you said it. I just repeated it


Time for the left to quit mentioning the “CEC” since this thread is fake news, started by the NYT.

Here’s a video from Stephanie Rhule, who actually works for MSNBC and she debunks it. She worked at the same bank as Justin Kennedy, used to work at the same bank as hie did, and that Justin was not the point man for these loans and had left the bank before the loans took place.

Sorry I can’t embed the video here but it’s at this link.

Some are smearing Kennedy now and saying he kept “voting with the Trump adminstration” while forgetting the fact that just a few years ago there wouldn’t have been a case of a state (CA) forcing pro life centers to advertise abortions, or nuns being forced to give BC.


Pretty much. The left will run with ANYTHING, provided it makes Trump and/or other Republicans look bad.

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Thank you Joanne,
Its really crazy the way these people are jumping on anything. This is the insane level of stuff trying to tie Obama to insane stuff.

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