Supreme Court decisions for 6/25/18

Abbott v Perez by Justice Alito for a 5 to 4 majority, concurrence by Justice Thomas joined by Gorsuch, dissent by Justice Sotomayor. Both Thomas and Gorsuch would rule that the VRA does not apply to redistricting.

Court finds all Texas Congressional and State House districts lawful except House District 90.

Ohio v American express by Justice Thomas for a 5 to 4 majority, Justice Breyer dissents.

Court rules that Amex’s steering provisions do not violate federal anti-trust law.

Only 2 decisions today, 4 remain, we will be back tomorrow.

Today’s order list, with, among other things, the Arlene’s Flowers GVR.

The court has indicated that Tuesday will not be the last day, so we will be getting opinions on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Supreme Court also GVRed the North Carolina redistricting case in light of its “punt” in Gill v Whitford, basically meaning that they punted on the North Carolina case as well.

Welp, so much for any hope gerrymandering will stop being a thing.

Not via the courts anyhow.

I have been noticing a trend by the court to allow states to regain their former Constitutional authority, removing little by little federal oversight and intrusion.