Supreme Court blocks OSHA vaccine mandate

So govt vax mandates are okay in some instances.

Glad you,agree with SCOTUS.


Boy isn’t that the truth. Hanging by a thread and hinging on often one vote!

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So bookmarking this for when the conservative court does something you really don’t like.

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i didnt say i agree. i can see the reasoning

as Reagan might say, tyranny is only ever one generation away

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something “else” they dont like

they dont like this one either

not all “forcey” enough


We are at the point that tyranny is only a day away!

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osha does not have the authority to do either

I don’t ever get too angry when SCOTUS throws me a curve ball unlike some of my fellow forumites.

I thought the OSHA opinion was a bad one, thought the healthcare facility one was a good one.


However HHS can and did.


a stay was not granted, whether they can is as yet undecided. likely the HC mandate will prevail with broader and more liberally applied exceptions. for instance, once strict scrutiny is applied, which i believe it must be in the case on the merits, natural immunity will have to be factored in. also, to avoid the mandate and the damages the mandate may cause an institution, all they need do is stop taking hhs money. its hhs money they’re getting, and he who pays the gold makes the rules.

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If there was any doubt they can. It was erased by failure to stay.


That was an entirely different issue. It was about the protection of the clients, not the workers.

5-4 not 6-3

Yet it is mandated by a federal agency that healthcare workers get vaxxed.


and if they do not accept medicare or medicaid money it is not.

thats neither here nor there however, I fully expect that the courts will order the mandate to be amended in a few ways when the merits are adjudicated.

Most facilities take the funds therefore it is almost a universal mandate.


Yes. And the issue is completely different.

Yes obviously.

One federal vax mandate unconstitutional

One federal vax mandate constitutional.


5-4 actually. Get it right. Bad decision there. Should have been rejected just like the more wide spread Osha bs.