Supreme court block redrawing maps Ohio and Michigan

Just putting this out there. Decision of the US Supreme court this morning. Not much information about why. I believe they have a couple of cases pending before them.

The Supreme Court on Friday blocked lower court rulings ordering Republican legislators in Michigan and Ohio to redraw U.S. congressional maps ahead of the 2020 elections, dealing a blow to Democrats who had argued that the electoral districts were intended to unlawfully diminish their political clout.

So for those two states, the Germandering will continue for the next presidential election.

Personally: I think congressional districts should be blind. As close a population as possible with no racial, political, or anythning else looked at. Should be as close as possible to county lines first. Then cities, then neighborhoods.


I agree with this stay on two points.

  1. The lower courts enacted an overly speedy schedule for redistricting that was entirely unwarranted.

  2. The results of Supreme Court decisions to be handed down likely in June could strip federal courts of their power to review “partisan” gerrymandering claims entirely, thus mooting the above cases.

The democrats has there own lines that helped them to maintain control of congress from mid 1930’s to 2000 or when ever. And they didn’t have a problem with it. Now that repugs are doing it that’s a problem.

Again not wanting others to play the rules they set up for themselves.

It was 96 and get rid of all of it…right and left…

Does this mean you and I are actually in agreement?


Districts like this are a little ridiculous.

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You mean like this one?

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LOL two can play that game. :wink:

Let’s just agree on an axiom.

Politicians seek power and will game the system to the maximum extent possible to gain and retain power. This axiom applies equally regardless of party or underlying political motivations.

That actually might be one of the best examples out there. Never actually seen that picture before. Wow that’s bad. Really bad.

It was nick-named The praying mantis district. some think when colored in it looks like a praying mantis.

Thanks for posting it. It looks like a neon sign flashing “dirty politicians at work”.

We’ve GOT to fix this. Founders would be disgusted.



So would you agree with this:

Hear hear

No argument from me.

Are you quite sure about that???

Elbridge Gerry, the originator of the Gerrymander, was a founding father. :smile:

Oh Safiel. What do you not know? We are not worthy!

Drawing up of electoral boundaries should be completely removed from ALL politicians.