Supply Management

It seems dairy farmers are saying the US should adopt the Canadian model to keep the dairy farmers afloat instead government bailouts.

The funny thing is the dairy farmers tried to get this system implemented back when Bhoener was speaker and he said no it was too Soviet style. But I think if the farmers tell Trump that this is what Putin would do he may support it.

Went back before Boehner. I was interning in DC when the Farm Bill was up for reauthorization in 85. That was during the whole family farm crisis and the initial FarmAid event. There was a very strong push for supply controls akin to how many fisheries are managed in order to stabilize prices. The notion being that managing prices through supply made more sense than generations of direct-to-farm subsidies.

Big agribusiness and the Farm Bureaus helped kill it.

If I was big ag looking to buy up family farms helping to keep policies in place to hurt small farmers would be ideal.

I am seeing this from both sides and there has to be a middle ground beneficial to all.

I am thinking in the old days talk radio Republicans would be screaming no but as they are supporting tariffs and closed markets they are incapable of knowing how to respond to matters like this.