‘SUPER WEIRD’: Cortez Compares Border Security with BERLIN WALL, Says Everybody in DC ‘Like a Spy’ | Sean Hannity

Recently sworn-in Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continued to baffle supporters and critics alike over the weekend; directly comparing President Trump’s border wall with the ‘Berlin Wall’ and saying everyone in Washington, DC is “like a spy.”

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Cortez doesn’t have clue what she is reporting to media. Berlin Wall was blocking escape people from communist regime and it was working 99.9 % for fact . I visited several times. But Mr.Trump wall is protect our country against intruders . What is wrong Miss Cortez. It is easy bashing on something If , you don’t have knowledge about anything . In another country you wil bel fyzicaly hurt you but not in America, you will be protected by non senses law.