Super vaccine developed by the army

Army developing a vaccine in secret; this’ll be a hit with the anti-vaxxers

Should be convenient when they come rolling through neighborhoods in the future.

Does the army get liability waivers and not have to release any data on it for 90 years??


Wasn’t a secret,.

Note the date.

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It should be for everybody. I might be able to get it as a high risk however at 68 and type 2 diabetic? :thinking:

Oh my bad, i just hadn’t heard of it

Probably. My problem is I smoked for thirty years but never bothered to get my lung impairment measured, so I am high risk, but not officially.

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I have some hydroxychloroquine stashed already but would like some of those new pills as well.

I can’t get that either. Even if you can get a doctor to prescribe it Ohio makes them submit it to a review board to make sure you are officially high risk. I suspect all of this is to keep people getting vaxxed.


It really helped my niece. She had lost her voice and was pretty congested. Within hours of starting the hydroxychloroquine she got her voice back.

The congestion totally disappeared within 3 or 4 days,

Ridiculous that they seem to be working against the people. Some folks should be put on trial when this is over.


US Army stock doesn’t trade on any exchange so it wasn’t as significant news.

Anybody have concerns about this nanoparticle technology? What exactly is it.

What in tarnation!?

We paid billions, meanwhile the army is cooking up a super vax!?

I want both a refund and an explanation.

Ugh. Same.

Perhaps the military of the US or some other nation has already released a super vaccine; it is called the Omicron variant.

On the other hand, the party line from Russia is that Omicron has a natural origin.

Meanwhile, Taiwan has admitted that a worker has been infected with a Delta variant virus that was under study in a lab.

As genetic engineering technology becomes more commonplace, expect more potentially dangerous leaks from labs.

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You’re right, the government itself created this one. Should be super.

Developed by the same organization famous for taking payday loans and marrying strippers.


The military bio warfare, err I mean infectious disease research departments are always working on something. It only makes sense that they were given a copy of this thing and started working on a broad spectrum vaccine. This bug can make entire units combat ineffective in a short time period. Their staffs are on salary, no profit motive, cutting edge labs, limited only by their imagination. I remember the gang at Aberdeen Proving Grounds doing something similar in the first gulf war with a bunker buster. Industry wanted millions, said it would take something like a year and no promises. The staff engineers took worn out 8" artillery tubes, off the shelf explosives, detonators and strap on guidance systems and made the thing, concept to deployment, in a couple weeks for the cost of things already paid for and their normal salary for the time spent.

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