Super vaccine developed by the army

It is being reported that the army has developed a vaccine that is effective against all covid variants including the Omicron variant. Will it get the same treatment as the current vaccines from anti vaxxers and others?

Well this is interesting, I wonder why keep it under wraps for so long?

Didn’t want to make promises they couldn’t keep?

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They have been open about it, first mention of it was April 5th when they began testing.

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Seems to be a game changer but at this point who knows

Not really feeling like taking another experimental vaccine at this point.

The vaccines we have now are supposed to be effective against all variants.

We have been in a minor clean-up operation since July:

C’mon man!

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There may still be royalties involved in production if they had help from industry or consultants.

Depends on how the contract reads.

Pretty sure they told me the booster I got yesterday was effective. Better be, spending the day in bed with the reaction.

Good policy.

They’ll just change the game.


Sounds like the reaction to the booster is worse than disease at this point.

Hope you feel better.

Who is they, and why?

I found this article on the animal primate trial, published by scientists involved in the research.

A SARS-CoV-2 ferritin nanoparticle vaccine elicits protective immune responses in nonhuman primates

Meh just a headache and some body ache, no big deal.

Yeah, my booster shot caused my arm to really ache when I used it for 3 days. The first shot didn’t cause any reaction and the second shot was only noticeable for about a day, and not really sore.

I think I am done with experimental vaccines myself, there is a pill that reduces hospitalization by 89% now.

Is it on the market yet? :thinking:

If not i may roll the dice and get 1 booster to tide me over till the pill is on the market.

Looks like it’s only for high risk again, so stupid, why not knock it down even in lower risk people, they do end up in the hospital too sometimes.