Suckers Losers Biden Forgets DDAY Almost

Our current President used a lie about the former president in his campaign rhetoric about suckers and losers in the DDay cemeteries of France. Even Bolton refuted the claim, but Brandon has never apologized or backed off.

So now for the last two DDay anniversaries they have been callously ignored by Brandon. Not even a press release or a lame video with a heavy lean by Dr. Jill.

Yesterday Breitbart called him on it with a published story at 6:45.

Team President Biden had called a media lid at 4:36.

Lo and behold at 8:45 Team Brandon slaps up a D Day tweet after being called out by the CEC.

Hey Biden…We see what you did there and where your loyalties are.


When big Joey is ready to be coached up for D Day in 2023 he can watch this and try and take notes.


Hey…love the coffee cup advertised in your article plus the liberal disdain. :+1:


Where was your D Day thread?

To be honest the anniversary sort of passed me by. Sure Biden should have said something as President but there are other parts of his administration that piss me off far more.

After team Brandon studies the 75th video they can check out 2018.

Trump has always had the backs of vets.

Trump was never too busy for the media.

Brandon will break his media fast this week with…Jimmy Kimmel…ouch.

The Greatest Generation is all but dead. Of the millions who served in WWII, less then 100,000 are still alive today. They disappeared right in front our eyes.


I am very thankful that my parents were of this generation and my grandparents were of the previous generation who went through the great depression and WWI. They provided an internal compass that guides me through the current insanity being promoted by those who have had it easy and never potentially sacrificed their lives for their fellow man or country.


When I was a kid, I used to pretend that the President was thanking my grandpa every year. He did great things for his country.


Which is exactly why that group needs celebrated every year.


Remember when Crazy Nancy Pelosi ripped up the SOTU speech?

Trump honored many D Day vets and she ripped their souls up with that treasonous move.


They sure went quick I saw one at the grocery last week with his military service hat on thanked him for his service and the first thing he said back smilingly was “I am 97 years old” :cry:


Progressives have a serious aversion to celebrating anything remotely positive about this nation. It goes against their modern sensibilities.


I thought I would share the words of a great American president…circa 1984…

Because for the next couple of years we won’t be hearing anything but nonsensical jibberish and blame shifting from the current “leader” of our country. Standard YouTube warnings but you won’t need them…


Excellent add Rodeo!!

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she’s a petulant child

perfect for democrats

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She is one of the poster children for term limits (another thread I know). I fail to see anything that is better in America because of that 80 year old dinosaur.


Thanks…I thought you might enjoy a few minutes with Mr. Reagan honoring our heroes.


“I do not like your inconsistent leading.”

So we are mad that Biden sent a tweet about D-Day late in the day?