Subpoenas Coming Soon In Trump Emoluments Lawsuit

For any other President this would’ve been a big no no right of the gate. I wonder why this took so damn long.

Its gonna get juicy…mmmhhmmm

Hello Clarise.

I heard that Trump farted. I think that he aimed it the wrong way.
It’s fartcism. lmao. And anyone that supports him are Defartables. lol.
Stupid Walmart fart people. lol. I’m done, but it was fun. It’s always
fun to mock and make fun of the Liberal Left wing nut job mainstream media. lol.
It’s sooo easy, because they’re so irrational, and illogical. lol.

Tehe…the gop picked a moron

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They’re here.

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Once a crook, always a crook. I’m glad I was smart enough not to vote for that piece of dung.

Your post reminds me of a headline:

Seagull with Diarrhea Barely Makes It to Crowded Beach in Time

Now, which post–yours or mine–is more applicable to the thread?

In other words, PocketAces, why are you here?