Stupid Criminals

Now really, just how stupid can anyone be and not need watered twice a day like a houseplant? Attempting a store robbery with over a dozen armed men & women inside?

:exploding_head:. It’s too bad there is no additional time for such idiocy.:exploding_head:

That’s just dumb luck. They probably didn’t know that event was taking place. But comical to say the least.

I once heard a story about a guy robbing a bank that handed the teller a note written on the back of his personal check. He got the money and escaped only to be apprehended later on as a result. Now that’s a true idiot.

This is one of my favorites from earlier this year.

Years ago I used to do the film developing for a police department and one of the perks was getting to hear the latest really dumb criminal stories circulating among law enforcement.

One story, iirc, was out of Topeka. In it an armed, masked bandit entered a convenience store and demanded the cash.

“Yes, sir!” the clerk complied, “Our policy is to have you on your way with no problems. I’m not even supposed to try and look at your face… do you want me to count it so you’ll know how much you’re getting?”

The presumably surprised crook agreed and subsequently said don’t bother about the small change.

The clerk wrote out the total on a gas receipt.

The crook picked up a pen, signed it, took his copy and left with the money.

Legibly signed.

So once out of sight the clerk locked the door, and called the cops asking if they were interested in a signed confession…


Odd crook.

He’s smart enough, with such a distinctive name, to have an unpublished telephone number, but not smart enough not to write the note on his pre-printed check or keep quiet about the offense. Or pick a name that’s radically different from his.

Oh well. The offense is Federal, so he must serve at least 85% of his sentence before being eligible for release.

Hey, that’s still on wiki.

Also, I recall a story about a fellow that robbed a bank and seemingly got away.

Unfortunately for him all his coworkers, he was a security guard, recognized his voice and the car he drove so when he returned some time later to start his shift the cops were waiting for him.

The fool. Doesn’t he know you are supposed to use a deposit slip from the bank lobby kiosk? :smile:

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