Student Who Claimed to be the Victim of a Hate Crime at Pence's Wife's School - Lied

"She made it all up.

The media went wild over the weekend with reports from Springfield, Virginia about the bullying of a 12-year-old girl. Amari Allen claimed three classmates grabbed her and pinned her down on the playground of a northern Virginia private school.

The girl, who is African American, said the six-grade attackers were white. She claimed they called her hair “ugly” then assaulted her at Immanuel Christian School."

What repercussions should this student face?

Meh…You’ll have that with people seeking attention. I mean look at Washington…there is a lot of story telling going on in that town.

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Obama generation!

First I heard of it too. Googled it and read a local story, rather than a slanted story that can’t wait to tie her to a black restaurant owner who vandalized his own property for some reason. Oh, they’re both black, that must be it.

In the local story the entire family of the girl has apologized to the boys, the boys’ families, the school, and the entire community, and are ready for her to face the consequences for her behavior. Her mom and dad are both pastors. They are not trying to get her a pass.


I’m shocked, shocked I say to find this is the reality

My bad.

Never mind then.

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why is this in Politics?

Good on them. My wife ( a first grade teacher) did a vocabulary assessment last week. One girl got 6 out of 11. An F…but her mother started emailing my wife, questioning her about the test and how it was scored. And why her daughter got an F. My wife’s response was she did not follow the directions and that is why she got half wrong. Instead of accepting that. The mother started questioning my wife’s grading of other kids…to which there were 3 others out of 24 who did the same thing and got the same or lower scores. So it wasn’t as she implied, my wife’s fault for not explaining it properly. 20 out of 24 kids got it right. Anyway…after answering about 10 emails, my wife told her she would not address this any further. To which the mother responded to calling the principal and demanding a meeting. The kicker here is that the student…already has 94 % going in english and spelling…So why all the bother. BECAUSE HER LITTLE DARLING COULD NEVER GET AN F.

Good for this family for forcing this young lady to take responsibility. I hope she learns from it. I hope they all learn from it.


It is a political issue. Speaks to the political climate created by the current administration and the opposition party. It speaks to the fragmentation of our nation. It speaks to the racial divides that still exist. It’s Political and should remain right here.


I understand why all the bother.

What a load of bull ■■■■■

No, it’s a political issue because the original story had to make the connection between this “incident” and the school where Mike Pence’s wife teaches.

Don’t strain anything trying to connect this to Trump.


WHY all the bother?

Jesse Smollet’s poop swastika!

Well, I couldn’t read the article because I won’t pay to be able to read the NYT. So I didn’t catch that part.

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Moral foundations - fair/cheating.

An “F” is not the grade of a 94% student.

Having said that, once the explanation was given it should have been accepted as correct and the life lesson coached.

I’d rather see them fighting for grades than playing time on a football field.

I thought it would be pretty easy to just cut your own hair and say someone did it. I am more skeptical of stories now given previous ones.

Do kids say “nappy” nowadays?

So this is only a story because Mrs. Pence teaches art at this school, and because her Husband is vice president to Donald Trump, it has some sort of implications…shame on the media for this misrepresentation. It is ridiculous to not make a story out of this if it happened at some other school…and it should be a story if it happens at any school whether it is fake or real.

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Agreed…My parents left that up to me. If I felt I should be playing more…my dad told me to go talk to the coach and state my case…but he also said that I needed to be working my ass off in practice and if I was not…it was all on me. The bottom line was that the guy who played ahead of me on Varsity was a Sr. He was better and I needed to be better and work harder. He never, even though he was a Principal in the school system…went to bat for me. But as you said…once it’s explained…it needs to be done with.

yeah…they still do…