STRZOK OUT: The Anti-Trump Agent is 'ESCORTED' from FBI Headquarters

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Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok was forcibly removed from the bureau Tuesday afternoon, with multiple sources saying he was “escorted” from his office after the Inspector General’s scathing report.

“Aitan Goelman, Mr. Strzok’s lawyer, confirmed in a statement that his client ‘was escorted from the building as part of the ongoing examination process,’” writes the Washington Times. “According to Ms. Jarrett, Mr. Strzok was still employed by the FBI though he had been ‘demoted’ to a desk job in Human Resources since being dismissed from Robert Mueller’s special-counsel team.”

Peter Strzok was thrust back into the national headlines this week after the IG report revealed more explosive anti-Trump text message; one going so far as to say he “will stop” the Trump presidency.

But he’s still employed?

Must be a reason. Either way why was he there after when everything came to light.

Now I only hope charges will come.

Exactly. It’s the first step of the plan to make opposing Trump illegal.

Keep doing the purge…in fact fire everyone on top floor, then walk down to 4th floor and tell em to bag their bags…follow me to 7th floor.

In the meantime stick Strzok, McCabe, Comey and few other heads on pike and plant it just outside of the doors going into Hoover building as a reminder for others.

Yep. Make sure to hire only the ones that promise to be loyal to Trump too.

Saying mean things about Trump is not a firable offence, let alone a criminal one.

No matter how much you may want it to be.

Don’t care what you think…you’re hack and threat to our Republic.

You guys are unhinged.

It’s tongue in cheek, but clearly loyalty is important to Trump. He fired Comey for not being loyal to him.

To the unhinged, that’s what happened.

I think the President’s statements to Comey, where he demanded loyalty, speak for themselves.

He was a casualty of his own incompetence that no one had confidence in any longer. He violated the hatch act, should have resigned long before Trump fired him, and just faded into oblivion.

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Really? How did he violate the Hatch act?

Ask your party. They said it at the time. Now, he’s your guy’s hero.

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Ahh there’s that line

I understand why he did what he did. I don’t think it was out of anything but wanting the public to have faith in the investigation they did.

His biggest mistake, in my mind, was thinking he could actually reason with the rabid right wingers.

Look at the post above yours. Party, heal thyself.

The dude should have been fired for inappropriate use of his time and FBI resources wasting so much time texting.

Frankly, I have yet to see anything that indicates any FBI anti Trump conspiracy.

If he is found afoul of any law or employment rules then punish him to the fullest.

He told us he fired Comey because of the russia thing.

Why do you think he did it?

Are you surprised? You guys are perpetually unhinged. Deranged even. It constantly oozes all over this board.

Expect to see “that line” a lot.