STRZOK OUT: Peter Strzok FIRED FROM FBI Over Anti-Trump Text Messages | Sean Hannity

Anti-Trump DOJ official Peter Strzok was reportedly fired from the FBI late last week; ending months of uncertainty surrounding the disgraced FBI agent after his private text messages showed political bias throughout the agency.

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His messages showed only his political bias and that of his lover.

Two FBI employees with personal political opinions did not show bias throughout an agency of over 35,000 employees.


Strzok was lead investigator in the “Trump collision” investigation. Given his obvious bias and profound confidence that he could stop President Trump from being elected, I find it difficult to believe he hasn’t been investigated and indicted for pushing a false dossier on the FISA court.

It’s been far too long for these HRC criminals to be still walking free.

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Strzok let his political bias overcome his professional judgment. He should have recused himself when he could not set aside his personal views and remain objective about his work. However he wasn’t served well by his superiors

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His messages stated in plain English that his plan and his backup plan was to assure that Trump was never elected. I’m actually incredibly shocked. Typically there is no consequence for government corruption. Especially liberal government corruption. Good riddance. He and his arrogant smirk can take a hike. Score one for the good guys.

Has CNN offered him a job yet?

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The infamous smirk and defiant attitude…pride goes before the fall.

Who’s smirking now baby?

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Agreed that his messages showed his political bias, and for that reason, he should have recused himself from the investigation. He did not, hence he got fired.

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A government job is typically difficult to be fired from. He will probably appeal. And may be reinstated with back pay. That’s how the feds roll.

I don’t see how: Strzok started this fake investigation, then one of the text messages to Lisa Page Strzok afraid "There nothing there, there. That is extreme bias to me.

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I think this is starting to blow up in their faces quoted by one of Trump’s attorneys.

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I don’t think so. CNN will be so embarassed as other news networks will show his incriminating email messages to Lisa Page and he was the one who started this fake Fussia investigation and then thereafter quoted to Lisa Page in the emails afraid there nothing there, there. damning!!

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Recusal is a thing done by the honorable, therefore, would be too high a standard for these scoundrels.
Mueller, etc.

Drain the swamp. That’s why we elected Trump as our President. There are a lot more swamp rats left in our government that need to go.

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No. He was not.

You’re all over the map on this one Loui.

He hasn’t been a part of the Mueller probe into the possible Russian 2016 election interference for over a year.

It is unrealistic to think FBI agents should “recuse” themselves because they have political views. There is absolutely no evidence Peter’s political views had any influence at all on his investigative duties other than his misuse of the government phone.

Not so. Not so.


Trump should have never chosen Jeff Sessions. Guardian of the swamp.