Strong Government/less freedom

If 2/3 of American people believe in strong government means less freedom why do they vote for stronger government?

Are they willing to give up their freedoms to placate elites? Or is it out of fear…so they’re willing to sacrifice their freedom for perceived security?

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Because they don’t understand what either word (government or freedom means). Not that i am any better. Just an idea.



We have the answer.

A lot of them want freebies. Things free to them paid for by somebody else’s tax payments.


Don’t really care if you respond but the slogan “they just want freebies” doesn’t work anymore after the last four budgets signed by the former President.


@conan you railed against the patriot act and have done so as long as i have been on these boards - the answer to your question should be obvious given how it was passed and how it’s been renewed :grin:

Most people can’t even differentiate between freedom and liberty.


People should have been heeding my warnings decades ago.

Never understood it. If people are afraid of losing their freedom why do they always support more powerful goverment…because they think they will get something from it?

Everything has strings attached to it.

Old say…Beware of those bearing gifts.

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Safety. That Franklin quote works every time

It’s not that people don’t understand what the words mean - it’s that they understand them differently.

In mutually unintelligible ways.

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Only kind of disagreeing. Voting for Rs is always the lesser of two evils unless they are the minority.

Can you name any time a Dem wanted a budget smaller than their counterparts?

Fair enough. People want more government when it’s their kind of government thought

Is the “size” of the government defined by how much money they spend? What does “strength” mean, in the context of a government?


Financially or.

There are a lot of different ways the government grows. Doesn’t have to be budgetary

Dems want less government on social issues

Stop writing things as i write them lol

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Well, that’s the whole point. What does “more government” even mean?

More laws? More employees? More money?

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I’ll agree with that, but the post I was replying to was concerning freebies. Indicating spending.

True the op is more broad though

It can mean any of them, or all those things collectively. Generally they are all pretty loosely tied together but not always.


Yes. That’s my point. It means whatever the speaker wants it to mean, when they say it.