Stoyer lies as much as Schiff - scumbags

Steny Hoyer has a press conference and says: apparently POTUS wasn’t briefed about Russians supposedly paying for killing American soldiers”. TheN the scumbag says that POTUS said such stories are a hoax. Lying Hoyer KNOWS that POTUS actually said that stories that “he was briefed and ignored the matter“ we’re a hoax. Then he and Schiff went on to say other lies. Dirty rotten lying Anti-American scumbags - including Pelosi.

So what do you think is the real story here? Was he briefed or not? If not, why?

They all lie constantly. Every one of them. Pelosi has already declared that Trump was informed of the Russia theory and that with Trump “all roads lead to Putin.” She is such a lying, low life scumbag.


Yes, Russians are paying bounties on US Troop’s heads. The President and all of us learn about this on Friday. Then the President leaves to play 36 holes of golf. This all makes me so mad at Nancy Pelosi!


Let me guess …Trump doesn’t lie daily.

There is no evidence that he was. Because the story was not vetted or confirmed. Find something that is not mere speculation. Until that happens democrats should simma down.

Who lies more? The Washington Post has claimed that Trump has told, what is it 10,000 lies? What is their current count for Biden lies? Have you seen it yet? Is it more or less than 10,000?

Remember, the biggest lie in American history was told about Trump. Not by Trump.

He cannot even go on TV and say “If these allegations are true, Russia and Putin have a lot to answer. This is unacceptable.”?

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And he was supposed to do … what? Set his hair on fire?

I’m amazed that anyone even thinks it’s news that a competing country would foment as much trouble on as many fronts as possible for us. And that we do the same against them.

And it’s not anything new.

If there’s any news in it, it’s that we found proof of one such example.

Not a good argument.

But true … we’re talking about politics here.

How about addressing the potential issue? Make it known we aren’t to tolerate this, if it’s true. Instead of not saying anything.

“Amazed this is even news”. Un ■■■■■■■ believable.

As an American, even the rumor this is happening should piss people off.

Defend ANYTHING at all costs. Downplay EVERYTHING. Do whatever mind-yoga it takes to not have to ever ever admit even a granule of buyers remorse with this completely ridiculous morally depraved loser we’ve put in the White House.


Good lord no. Who knows what kind of dimension-altering toxins would be unleashed on the earth if that bizarre mess on his head were ignited.


I have no doubt it’s true.

What idiot – even in Russia – would assume that we tolerate it?

Libs gotta realize … Trump isn’t going to do and say things to placate you. He doesn’t give a crap about you, and who could blame him for that?

Wait, so he doesn’t care about Americans? He is President of United States. All citizens, or has the constitution changed?

Keep defending him and his actions. Every single one. Keep putting Trump over America.

Same old story, no matter the issue…

Trump/Conservatives: America is great. Let’s make it even greater!

Biden/Dems/Libs/Mobs/Media/Marxists: America is horrible. Let’s tear it down!


Wait. I didn’t say that. So why did you make that up?

Don’t make up stuff, OK?

Here’s what you said:

I’m an American.
I’m sure there are posters here that would like to hear something from Trump, just like me. Americans.
So he doesn’t care about us? Americans?
Who does he care about?