Stormy Daniels' NDA

Why do some people want to see this woman censored by the government?

Because there are a vast number of Americans who do not care about things like truth, decency, or science. All they care about is power and harming their political adversaries.

If she had something on trump she wouldn’t have signed a NDA.

Trump’s lawyers are trying to get the case dismissed - they have no intention of enforcing the NDA, and want it all to be over. They’re arguing that the NDA is unenforceable because Trump never signed it.

Avenatti is the one fighting to keep the case in court.

And that’s an excuse for having the heavy hand of government censor her?

I question the judgement of anyone who wants to hear what a person like her has to say.

I don’t particularly care. I only want to know why the government should censor her.

This is the new normal. Who’s going to stop them?

Is there something she wants to say but hasn’t?

I don’t know, but that doesn’t change anything.

Ummm… yeah, I think it does.

This thread is a little moot, since Daniels already said what she had to say and will never suffer any ill effects of the NDA.

Let’s say she doesn’t have anything that she wants to say. That doesn’t change the possibility of government censorship. Some people were saying that she is bound by the NDA. Maybe she and maybe she isn’t. But I can still ask why some people think that government should be used to censor her.

I’m talking about it in general. I asking why it should it be enforceable as some people have shown that they want it to be.

I understand. Stormy Daniels is just no longer that good of an example.

I dont think you know what the “A” in NDA stands for. Do you think that we are free to break any agreement we enter into without there being some penalty?

So someone changes their mind. Big deal. No excuse for calling in government violence to keep them to their promise.

By definition, a contract is a promise that the law will enforce.

Do you extend this position (“changing one’s mind”) to all contracts, or just NDAs?

They are saying tonight the case was dismissed.

Different case.