Stop Lowering Expectations for Biden's Debate Performance

Larry O’Connor Posted: Sep 16, 2020 12:25 PM

It a quick read, and worth the time to read it all. If Biden fans were like Trump fans they would be claiming all of Biden’s stuttering and stumbling responses are part of his grand design and dementia obscures his 5 dimensional chess playing skills. Larry O’Connor thinks Trump fans should be propping Biden up for a tumble rather than lowering expectations even further. The piece makes sense to me since some voters will wait until after the debates, but could President Trump control himself to make it work? If I thought so, I wouldn’t be posting it.

I agree this is the wrong strategy.

Biden is a 50 year swamp dweller and capable of being on his best for an hour. With or without a shot in the ass.

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Or a bump of Adderall…like his opponent.


Yeah…yeah…let’s all hold hands. Biden’s A-ok and everything is peaches and cream…amirite? :sunglasses:

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With him struggling with teleprompters it’s starting to look like elderly abuse.

They must lower expectations. That way if Biden doesn’t fall asleep or forget where he is, they can declare victory.

Expectations do not matter. Our lib friends and media will declare him the winner even if he has to have a bib to handle him drooling that night. :roll_eyes:

At night, when I get home…I’ll usually poor a good rye on the rocks…and then I go into the garage…open the door, let the dog go to the bathroom, while I sit on the Yeti and have a puff. I’ve been thinking though, during the first debate…I may just have to bring the Yeti right into the living room. Then again…the wife won’t let me. :sunglasses:



Can you show us anyone outside of trump supporters doing this?

You’re doing exactly what is in the OP.