Stop having children to prevent extinction?

Yes, there was time when extoling the virtues of motherhood was considered an uncontroversial platitude.

Now people like VHMENT are basically claiming that motherhood is a “crime against nature”.

Of course some don’t stop with just not having children: “If we can get rid of enough people, then our way of life can become more sustainable . . .”—El Paso Shooter

So you’re familiar with VHEMT. Interesting.

There was also a time when almost half of all children didn’t live to become adults and the world’s population hovered around 250 million people. Population is now growing at unsustainable levels. Next time you’re in an airplane, look down on the land. Humanity is like acne on Earth’s skin.

Earth has a lot more serious problems ahead then some minor acne. :smile:

Humans will have 12 fingers by the time that happens lol.

First of all, the idea that there will be no children born anywhere in the world is never going to happen so there’s no reason to extrapolate that it will.

And indeed, if you actually read the story as opposed to posting about it to, I suppose, ridicule the people doing it, you will find that it is indeed of the BirthStrikers to not have kids in order to solve the climate crisis.

Pepino says that BirthStrike is distinct from the antinatalist movement (which says that having children is morally wrong because sentient life is so awful), and its aim is not to discourage people from having children, or to condemn those who have them already, but to communicate the urgency of the crisis. It is a “radical acknowledgment” of how the looming existential threat is already “altering the way we imagine our future”. “We’re not trying to solve it through BirthStrike,” she says. “We’re trying to get the information out there.

The biggest problem in this world today is people who viscerally disagree with something without actually reading/learning about it.

This use to be a mainstream talking point with the left awhile back until they realized most children being born were not westerners.