Stop having children to prevent extinction?

Extinction Rebellion activists are claiming that ending births is necessary to save humans from extinction because of climate change:

My observation is species go extinct when they fail to reproduce. No children means human extinction is assured within a generation or two. The logical extension to no births would be to prevent extinction by mass suicide or even mass homicide.

Of course, banning immigration from low-emitting countries to high-emitting countries is also necessary as well, otherwise the population in high-emitting countries could continue to grow even without births.

The idea of preventing extinction by failing to reproduce seems ridiculous to me. How humanity can survive without children?

Exponential population growth almost always ends in one way, not extinction, but close.

Do we really want her having kids?

You know what the Earth really needs? 7 billion more people over the next 50 years. Maybe we can hit 25 billion by 2120. And let’s burn even more coal and oil!

Most developed countries are already well below the replacement birth rate. That results in an exponentially declining population.

For example if the each woman has only one child, the population of each succeeding generation is cut in half.

Yep. I think these people are trying to compensate for the rest of the world.

Not really interested in them specifically, just the fact that I think humans general obsession with growth will be our undoing.

The only solution is to go full Quiverfull.

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In a few generations only Amish and Hassidic Jews may be left.

That’s the problem. The rest of the world is having too many babies relative to the rest of us. This needs to be rectified somehow.

Somehow, it is quite comforting in knowing that these particular women will not be breeding. :smile:

Actually, they may be eligible for a Darwin Award. They are improving the human gene pool by no longer being a part of it. :smile:

In most advanced countries, including the United States, breeding has dropped below replacement rate meaning that net immigration accounts for all population growth. In some countries, such as Japan, breeding has dropped below the replacement rate, there is no net immigration and the population is declining.

It is basically the **** holes of the world that are breeding extravagantly.

So the moronic jackasses have NOTHING to yell at the United States or other civilized countries about. Go find the countries that are causing the problem and yell at them.

Highly unlikely, but okay.

If it reaches a tipping point, the problem will solve itself via mass starvation or mass pandemics. Or war.

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That’s always been my response as well. Pushing for zero population growth in first world nations where the birth rate has stabilized or declined makes, well…zero sense.

And raise the next generation of faith-based climate scientists.

This is the irony of it all. The people who have the economic means to care for a child are having few if any children and those living in poverty are having many children.

Well the frigid shrews in the OP article certainly aren’t going to help! We’ll have to wait for some of these breedin’ religious sorts to churn some out, and then we’ll indoctrinate them in our public pro gay atheist abortionist Marxist Islamist lib schools. :heart_eyes:

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Population wars screw all of us.

And not in the “be fruitful and multiply” kind of way!

We need six gems.

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