Stonewalling Hope Hicks obeys orders not to answer even easy House Judiciary questions

Corruption is a real issue. Are you against looking into corruption?

Oh, like this?

I seem to remember a lot of Obama IRS people taking the fifth rather than tell the truth. Maybe we should have put all of them in jail until they talked.

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This isn’t taking the fifth. It’s refusing to answer questions.

Obviously hiding things.

She didn’t take the fifth, but whatever, sure, why not.

What a faux scandal that was.

Media consumers are becoming conditioned to the FAUX drama, scandal, outrage and endless hype.

Everyone knew there would be no news…Still pushed the hype.


The liberal Russian collusion delusion continues on into it’s next chapter…which makes some…mad as heck…amirite? :sunglasses:

It’s really simple in my mind…barring an economic downturn, Trump likely wins re-election.

And investigating the opposition party only to result in nothing happening will become the new norm.

Saying this to Trump supporters as well- who think Barr’s investigation is going to yield anything- will have loads of fun reminding you of that in the threads where you will gleefully post “We’ve got the Deep State on the run now!”

How many hearings and years into Bengazi were there? And when Trump is no longer president the BTO song “You ain’t seen nothing yet” will be going through Trump’s mind.

The subpoena would get her in front of Congress. Given that she is already in front of congress, I’m confused why you believe they should subpoena her??? In regards to answering their questions, how exactly would you propose they do that? Torture her??? :confused:

The House DEM endless investigations are a circus freak show. It is being treated as such by the administration.

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Glad she did.

It was the proper thing to do.

There wouldn’t be a need to question Hope Hicks or some of the other witnesses if the DOJ would just release the underlying documentation in the Mueller report. It exonerates everyone associated with Trump anyway.


I’m with you on that.

I’ll believe that the Barr investigations will result in something when “something” actually comes out of them. (I’m not saying that nothing actually was there. I believe there was. I just think that this one will be just like so many others: " … investigating the opposition party only to result in nothing happening …")

Wouldn’t make a bit of difference. DEMs will continue their endless investigations. They only care about one thing. Punish Trump for beating Hillary.

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Would you be comfortable with, much less accept, the next Democratic president claiming every current and former staff member has “blanket immunity” [invented doctrine] to Congressional oversight?

This thing is going to swing back the other way, and it’s going to suck.

That’s pretty much what Hillary and her gang did! This supposed “foreign interference” investigation is so one sided it’s freaking STUPID!!! Over 2 years and 4 investigations of only one campaign where nothing was found, while ignoring the other campaign where there a ton of interference facts is getting pretty damned ridiculous and pathetic! :angry:

Presumably they may decide to waterboard her as some very august persons declared that wasn’t torture.

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I should have said a judge’s order, which would force her to testify.