Stonewalling Hope Hicks obeys orders not to answer even easy House Judiciary questions

Hope Hicks refused to answer simple questions even from Republican members in a closed door session with the House Judiciary Committee today, according to the Washington Post. A White House attorney and Justice Department lawyer argued that Hicks had immunity from questions about her West Wing tenure even though Hicks is a private citizen.

Committee members said they may invoke a subpoena. They should and force her to testify. The corruption continues.


People kept saying, “wait for mueller”.

We waited, nothing happened. End of story.

Impeach him or not. See what happens.

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Nothing to hide!

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So we should hold impeachment hearings where all of Trump’s associates refuse to answer even the most basic of questions while people like yourself pretend everything is normal?


She is saving it for her book deal.

Awesome! That’s exactly what she should have done. It’s been three solid years of non stop investigation with nothing to show for it. It’s over. You lost (again). It’s time to move along. Nothing to see here. The last thing we need is yet another lame assed, dead end investigation. Excellent work Hope!

Who has been investigating for 3 solid years?

That’s right! We shouldn’t have established rules and procedures for congressional investigations! We should just let those being questioned dictate what can and can’t be discussed!

The lack of objectivity and foresight is staggering.

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Knock yourself out.

See what happens.

There’s a time when you just have to say enough is enough and move on. It’s time for dems to get to work on real issues.

That is such a basic question, that I’m going to let you research it. But I will give you a hint. The last two years were done by Robert Mueller and 15 or so Trump hating lawyers… Google will tell you who was involved in the others. But they have been non stop, Beginning before the president took office.

The Democrats have controlled the House for less than 6 months. Mueller’s investigation was basically hamstrung from the beginning into not even being able to acknowledge if Trump broke the law. So what are you crying about? This is called basic oversight.

pics please

False. You follow rule and procedure. Don’t like it? Tough. Get held in contempt and suffer the consequences. Besides, who gets to decide when “enough is enough?” The person being investigated? Really?

Try again. If you want a reply you must ask in a respectful manner. In other words speak to me the way that I do to you. Fair enough?

Couldn’t she have answere questions about the Trump Tower meeting? That was before the election.

Why are people here cheering for her obstructing congress? The lawyers claim of blanket immunity is shameful.


i hope she enjoys prison which is where she is headed after a judge orders her to answer.
and a judge will.
and she will probably end up being held in contempt. just like the rest of teh trump crime family


This is exactly what Pelosi wants.

That’s correct. All she needs is one court order to establish precedent which would require all of them to talk or go to jail.