Stock market will soar if Warren is president

No actually the inverse. Top donors are worried about Biden’s lagging campaign and are terrified of Warren and what it means for the economy and Wall Street in general. Top donors are telling Schumer they will not back Democratic Senators in hopes that it will keep a republican majority in the senate for checks and balances.

So if indeed Warren wins and the democrats win back the senate there will be a blue I mean green wave of money leaving the market as hedge fund managers and billionaires will bet against the market or sideline their money, as the proposed taxes start coming including business and a dividend tax.

"Bernard Schwartz, a longtime Democratic donor and the CEO of BLS Investments, acknowledged that he knows of people on Wall Street who have declared to Schumer and party leadership that they won’t invest spend in favor of Democratic Senate candidates if Warren is the nominee.

“These financiers, which include hedge fund managers and private equity executives, are also worried that Warren’s policies, were she to defeat President Donald Trump, could be detrimental to their businesses. They believe Republicans could keep her potential administration in check if the GOP holds onto or expand its Senate majority. Republicans have a 53-47 majority in the Senate; Democrats need to flip a net of four seats to take control”.

The Dow is closing in on 28,000, I wonder if the threads that pop up here and on the media whenever there is a bad market day while Trump is the president will make the same rounds if Warren wins? :thinking:

My guess the topic will change to, Wall Street is bad again.


So Pocahontas can’t do this?

Yes she will double the market by increasing taxes on everyone, as well as businesses, a tax on stock trades, and a dividend tax. All of these the market will love :lying_face:

I remember when the “experts” were completely sure that Trump’s election would tank the stock market. They’re probably right this time though! :smile:


Trying to predict the stock market is a fool’s game.

And the stock market was going to collapse if trump was elected, too.

They were worried about his talk on trade but loved the business tax cut. Warren has the same talk on trade but wants to dramatically increase taxes, I don’t think you need to be and expert to guess how the market will respond. Even the presidents buddies the NYT’s is reporting on it. Mother Jones and the Daily Kos have her back though.


To put this discussion into perspective check out this link:

Did Trump run on breaking up banks and corporations?

The rich prefer the conman, i’m shocked. Trump only ran as a populist, everyone is glad it was just to trick people. We’re going to raise taxes on the rich, cut the debt, and everyone will get great healthcare coverage, believe me.

Who could forget the cleanest air and crystal clear water or whatever crap he says over and over again.

He ran on ending free trade agreements.

You left out “bad”. And they aren’t “free trade” anything. In fact that may be an oxymoron.

I know enough. They’re all bad. I live in Michigan. There is no such thing as a good trade agreement to us.

Not even the experts can predict the stock market. I could post story after story after story of stock market predictions from 2016 that turned out completely wrong. These same “experts” who are worried about Warren were even more worried about Trump, and you know how that turned out.

You have exactly the same water you had 8 years ago. Unless you moved.

Trump has not done one thing to negatively impact your life. Not one.

No offense, but every complaint Republicans had about Obama have disappeared once Trump was elected.

Its not surprising.

Just look at the doozy Trump tweeted in 2012 about 1.9% GDP was awful for Obama. Now that Trump has 1.9% GDP, its glorious, the best 1.9% ever. Just reverse that. This place would have a 2000+ post count on how awful the Democrat president is.

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Everyone know Hannity is a republican. I provided sources from a left of center agency CNBC. The NYT’s is running a similiar story about the same fears on Wall Street.

Exactly. Some are worse than others though.

Not every complaint.