Stock Market: Hoping today(10/11/18) doesn't end like yesterday


Sooo, right now down 500. But it’s been jumping around a lot today.

Hoping we don’t have the same plummet at the end of the day like yesterday.


Damn. It had come back to less than -100, but I see that has reversed. Maybe it has something to do with the POTUS actually having Kanye West in the oval office and giving him an international audience. The stock market is like: “what the ■■■■?”


down 650
i bought a little more today


Weird. Didn’t follow the futures line from yesterday and drop 350 at the bell, hovered around 100 down for several hours, then dropped. showing 576 down at the moment.

Buy gold certificates, seeds, and lead, preferable in the form of 5.56 and .40.


Honestly, we’re about due for a correction in the market. Too early yet to tell whether this will be it, but we are about due…


Hope the best for everyone, but I am about to make some major investments and a bottom would be nice.


DOW 25,000!!


Uh oh Trumps market is flattening for 2018. Remember what trumpists say about 2015-2016 lol.

You know what happened?

Trumpists being irrational stayed out of the entire bull run in Obama years. Then lord trump gets in office and they frenzy buy too late too the party and now they’ll lose it.


Dropped below 25 k there for a bit today. ■■■■■■■ Obama.

Finished the day just over 25k at the end. Thank you President Trump!!!


Dow is back up too 25,700 do to strong earnings.

Where is OP or threads about that?



10 charles


Good thing those deficit expanding tax cuts were implemented or we would be in much worse shape.


Dems took the house, told ya!


Great insight!!! Pass your Series 7 yet?


Yep. As predicted over and over for the past year that the Dems take the House, the economy takes a downturn from GOP and Trump policies but the Dems get the blame.

It is really easy.