Stock Market Gain Largest in History on Bernie Loss!

Ignoring the Coronavirus, the loss of Bernie in NC created much more confidence in the markets, lowering fear of socialism, MY opinion.

The Coronavirus actually was even more bad news, with news of more infections & 6 deaths but less fear of socialism overcame it.

I do think the fed helped some as well, but markets won’t react well to the possibility of socialism being imposed on a free people, enslaving & impoverishing them.

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Socialism wouldn’t be “imposed” if a majority of Americans actually voted for the man.

I think the recovery is all due to recovery of panic from the coronavirus threat.

We’ll see how it goes should we start to get more cases here in the States.

Didn’t you read the OP? You have to ignore the coronavirus.

So ignore it and the rest of the OP becomes a new reality based on ignoring reality.


I think it soared because Tom Brady is leaving the Patriots.



It gained because I went the other way and played with some puts.

You’re welcome.


It most likely gained from a possible 3/4 point rate cut this month by the feds.

Still, nothing to do with Bernie Sanders.

Largest gain because Biden won South Carolina!
America rallying for Americans!


No sorry, you don’t get to vote on my rights.


Hahahahah wow. Absurd.

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The man speaks the truth!

Everyone knows Obama/Biden started the longest recovery in U.S. history :+1:

Of course it would.

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Hope it’s not a dead cat bounce.


Meow :smirk_cat:

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I’m pretty sure it didn’t really gain momentum and spike until Klobuchar and Buttigieg announced they were dropping out AND coalescing around Biden for President. Next thing you know, it went from a modest +450 To where it ended at the close.

The market really seems to react positively to the news Biden will be the Democratic nominee with the best shot of taking down Trump.

That’s GOT to be it!

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Shhhh…no ruining the fun. :wink:

In all seriousness, I completely agree. The market has a long history of bouncing before a fall. I’ve long positioned myself with the belief we are looking at a 23k floor with DJIA.

Which has very little to do with who is President or which party is in control of the Executive Branch.

These blue chips are all about P&L and huge macroeconomic variables.

Socialism would indeed be imposed.

You missed the point. It reacted positively to less of a threat a socialists could possibly become president. I don’t think either Sleepy Joe or Crazy Bernie can beat Trump, but nothing is for certain & if a socialist gets the democrat nomination he could possibly win, however doubtful. The fear of a socialist candidate spooked the markets.

How does my voting for which ever Dem I choose, infringe upon your rights?

Socialism would take away all our rights. We would have the right to shut up & do as told. The left will remove our rights & turn the country into a socialist slave state hole.

No way. You missed the point. The market reacted to the Democratic field winnowing to the two most difficult challengers Trump will face, which significantly reduces his chances of being re-elected. The market apparently REALLY wants to see Trump defeated.