Stimulus and Low Interest Rates

I thought there would be a healthy debate on this now that we will likely be passing 2008 in terms of deficits and spending


2021 it will become really important again.

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Federal reserve to start directly purchasing assets, which includes mortgage backed securities. “Limitless” according to cnbc

Didn’t we make a profit last time out?

from U.S. ends TARP with $15.3 billion profit

The U.S. government essentially closed the books on TARP with a $15.3 billion profit.

Remember, all the stuff they’ll be buying is at fire-sale prices.

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I still remember zero House Republicans and only three in the Senate voting for the stimulus in 2009.

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Yeah… they were willing to burn it all down then.

Now they are all behind massive stimulus.

What changed?

I agree.

Damn it!