Stimulus and Low Interest Rates

The answer is…everybody buy more toilet paper. :sunglasses:

Will we see $2tril deficits this year?

Ya cant it’s all gone. The while Sam’s club inventory.

That’s where Costco comes in. Buying more toilet paper should be a great stimulass. :sunglasses:

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I was going to start a thread last night to see how many preppers are here. I’m usually not and make fun of the toilet paper hoarders but talked to the wife and went out today and bought a bunch of non perishables. Didnt wanna be the last guy standing. Any bump in transportation or someone gets sick at the grocery stores can throw it outta whack

Surprised how little Republicans are responding here.

We are almost 100% moving towards near $2trillion deficits, recession and stimulus

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Ostrich syndrome. Can’t see if it you aren’t looking.


The Fed just dumped $1.5T into the stock market/banking industry. I’m sure that will fix everything.

Administration thinking about direct cash payments to citizens.

Is this theft?

Looks like a couple more grand in my bank account.

Oh well.


If they do this in an adequate fashion, it is the correct thing to do and I will applaud the President

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I imagine this will cost a couple 100 billion immediately added to the $1trillion+ deficit

Well… what has to be done has to be done.

The bad thing about the past few years… including Obama… is that not much was done to prepare for the next downturn.

The large GOP tax cut insured that lack of preparation.

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Yep. Beer bongs always end badly

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Checks for everyone! Weeeeeeeeee :clown_face:

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I’m trying to figure out thoigh, is $1000 per person really going to help that much? If this lasts 4-6 months?

Like 70 billion, chump change compared to these corporate handouts!

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look at what the airlines did: 96% stock buyback with their free cash, 39,000,000,000$ that they spent that did not trickle down…

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It’s because our system of Capitalism looks to the short term and not the long term.

Everything is about meeting the quarterly expectation and not the long term health of the company or the employees.

It is a real problem that won’t be solved by hoping that humans will all of a sudden become long term planners again


Or the global/national economy and ecosystem (there are exceptions though some companies)

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