He used to be relevant. Now I’m guessing he lives in Russia and is trying to kiss Putin’s ass to remain relevant?

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Poor Seagal hasn’t had much fame since teaching Anderson Silva some super secret attacks that helped him win the UFC middleweight championship. :rofl:

Can an irrelevant man fight like that?!?!


Always liked Segal action movies. No question he is a trained and experienced martial artist. But I’m 70 too and trained in Korean Tae Kwon Do when I was younger and into my 50’s. I stopped regular Do Jang training after my 4th Dan; it kicked my arse and the Korean Grand Masters spared no mercy. If I had to fight for my life there’s maybe a handful of strikes I could pull off but after that I’m screwed. I can’t even remember but maybe a handful of the TKD Palgwe or Taeguk Poomse!
Old age sucks.

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I liked Under Siege. And his role in Executive Decision was perfect.


Come to think of it, i can’t off the top off my head, think of any other movie with him.

He and Gérard Depardieu who is one of the comedic heroes of my youth as sad as that sounds gor themselves Russian citizenship because all the 80s kids are in power now and all they saw was Arnold, Gerardd and Steven. They refer to them by their first name like they all know them.

They were usually 3-word titles so the promotional material would say stuff like…

Steven Seagal is, Out for Justice.

Steven Seagal is, Marked for Death.

They did the same thing with Jeff Speakman titles.



How does he not speak Russian by now ?

That’s pretty much the point of his career that after that movie it all started going downhill for him. Truth be told he is not a good actor we all just enjoyed when he broke someone’s forearm in half over his shoulder.

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He made his bed…

We have a rare moment of consensus here: we all agree Steven Seagal is a ■■■■■■■■



Moves pretty well for a fat guy.

There has to be a Chuck Norris joke in here somewhere.

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Sacrilege! You don’t remember Hard To Kill, Above the Law, Marked for Death?? :rofl:

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I’m here, say something…. PLEASE!


I know one of them had Jamaican bad guys. That one was alright.

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I think “Steven Seagal is Hard to Kill” was my favorite of that era.

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It should also be noted that this dude was married to Kelly LeBrock. I never understood how he pulled that off.

I mean, if you’re two nerds trying to build the perfect woman and bringing her to life using a computer, you could do a hell of a lot worse than Kelly LeBrock.

Just sayin.


With the aforementioned Kelly LeBrock.

I think I saw it, but don’t remember it. It also has Bill Sadler.