Steve King wants the names of liberals at Google

Sentient AM radio congressman Steve King is convinced that there is such bias in Google’s search engine that he asked for the name of 1000 employees so their social networks could be analyzed to tease out whether or not they were dirty libs.

Steve King, the same guy who voted to get rid of Net Neutrality has no problem regulating content companies while pounding the drum of deregulatotion of last mile telco providers.

He also wanted to know why his granddaughter would see negative things about him pop up on her iPhone. Where he was then informed that iPhones were made a separate company than google.

Good, all media and tech companies should.

Should what?

That guy is nuts.

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Your Republican Party folks. Be proud. Be very, very proud. :clap: :fireworks::sparkler::us:


the gift that keeps giving.

Would that be noted and unapologetic White Supramacist Steve King?

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the one and only

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Another Republican that has self lobotomized themselves into being a true Trumplican.

How sad.

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That’s Steve King. White nationalist darling of the Republican Party.

He’s adorable.

Seems fair

So you are ok with what was done in NY? I wasn’t.

No, has the debt been paid?

I truly enjoyed when he complained that a child in his family saw that he is being labeled as a white nationalist on the wee old internets. He seemed unhappy that his actions have consequences.

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So a small government conservative wants the names of private citizens so the government can investigate them for their political preferences? And small government conservatives cheer.

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The laws of the United States aren’t based on “eye for an eye.”

Fake “conservatives” were always full of ■■■■■ Except the ones who post here, of course.

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Steve King so asked the CEO of Google about why his iPhone is doing things… lol.

The laws of the United States aren’t based on “this random thing that nobody liked happened so we get to this thing that has nothing to do with that” either.

Maybe there should be a list of all politicians who are white nationalists.