Steve King Loses Republican Primary after White Supremacy Comments

Extremely happy to see this racist piece of **** get the boot from Congress.

The winner, Randy Feenstra, is pretty much a conventional conservative.


Well… good.

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A lightning rod looking for a n explosion.

He needed to go.


Should’ve been gone after 2 terms. :man_shrugging:


But did he actually lose the primary because of the inflammatory comments ?

Yes, that is the reason he lost.

Only reason he lost is because congress stripped him of all appointments and committee assignments which made him useless to Iowa in crafting bills or getting money to help Iowans. This was the major issue his opponent ran on. If he still had his assignments Iowa voters would most likely have re-elected him as they clearly didn’t care about his comments given they didn’t care about them in past elections.

Did he get an endorsement from POTUS or did POTUS endorse his rival?

I kind of agree here, if it were solely his comments he would have been gone long ago. Losing his committee assignments was his death knell.

I know his rival was strongly Pro-Trump, but unaware if Trump took a side.

The Atlantic has a nice article on the matter:

Sort of supports the theory that it wasn’t his rhetoric, it was a combination of his loss of committee seats, his narrow win in 2018 and his impact on the Presidential election in Iowa, which is deemed to be a close one. His winning the primary was seen as a negative for Trump to take Iowa again.

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Trump did not weigh in on this race at all.

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as long as he doesn’t write a book about it…

What’s the point to the question?

He lost.

He’s out of there.

The country as a whole is better off for it.

The point of the question was to ask whether or not he actually lost the primary because of his inflammatory comments or for a different reason.

And the point of wanting to know the distinction is … ?

IMO, it’s interesting and discussion-worthy how different voters make their decisions. If we know what different voters value in the candidates they vote, we can predict better which politicians they prefer in office - which predicts which policies our country will be likely to enact.

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His district(s) chose to have a known white supremacist represent them for 9 terms.

Make sure Biden echoes that assessment, should do wonders for him in Iowa.

I just thought of John Murtha in 2008 :slight_smile:

Pretty sure the Klan vote isn’t competitive at this point.