Steve King endorses Faith Goldy: Is He a White Supremacist?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, who is she, right? Who cares? Well, she’s a white nationalist nut from Canada who’s running to be mayor of Toronto. This is not a gray area: she’s been on Stormfront’s podcast; she was unambiguously on Richard Spencer’s side as she attended the United the Right rally in Charlottesville; she thinks these white supremacists have “well-thought out ideas” about issues like the “JQ” (Jewish Question). She does the 14 words, the white genocide thing, etc.

Okay. So what? But that’s sort of my point. Why would King bother to wade into this? Why bother making the association by endorsing this *******? It’s a Canadian mayoral election. What’s at stake here for him, other than he did it because 1). he agrees with her and 2). he can? It’s so gratuitous.

Yes, he is.

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I think he is. He’s retweeted a number of white supremacists.

Was him being a white supremacist even a point of contention anymore given his long documented history of racist comments and Nazi retweets

And just to get it out of the way: it’s the libs fault.

Okay, now we can move on.

Around here? I don’t know. Given the everyday insanity of GOP politics right now, he sort of flies under the radar.

We seem to be getting closer to that, if we’re not already there.

Still better than a liberal! Liberals are the real racists, anyway!

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Nothing worse than a liberal and our “plantations”

Correct :+1:

See how easy it is to know what’s going to be said?

Why would Steve King endorse a person like this?

I guess it’s good (?) that people aren’t rushing into defend Steve King? However, if there’s an angle here that lends itself to punching liberals, they’ll do it.

Yeah, they never miss that opportunity. :slight_smile:

Liberals have called Republicans racists for years, so now that a real Republican racist like Steve King comes along, no on cares! Suck it libs! Too bad, so sad!


If I remember correctly, that lady is someone Smyrna really likes. I think she’s on one of his weird YouTube “media” sites.

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It is weird that there is such a lack of support for him today.

I think it’s pretty clear.

It means that much to him?

I think so. Having like minded people in positions of power gives him and his views more validity.

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Because Steve King is a racist pile of ■■■■.