Steve King and Faith Goldy


This is not an answer to the question that was asked.


No kidding. I wonder why.


“The 14 words are perfectly fine.” Well then…


I’ll take “Because she’s obviously a white supremacist herself” for $1000 Alex


(Recently reelected) Steve King approves this message


Please tell me they’re trolling.


When one can’t tell the difference anymore… does it matter?


What is the JQ?. Do nice people ask the JQ?


never ever will either.


hah…if it was only that simple.


He doesnt confront hate speech. Only supports it by obsfuscating and deliberately lieing about it to protect those who spread hate speech. Im probably gonna be snitched on again for posting this but hey i dont care anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Faith Godly lost her lawsuit and came in last place in the election. for those not keeping track.


The alt-right Canadian political party is polling at 1.5% so we are save up here.


I know why he does. I think he is one of them.


So much for the morons in the GOP saying over the weekend that everyone in the caucus was denouncing the Steve King comments in the harshest of terms. The bastard that leads the party cannot even bring himself to acknowledge the comments, let alone condemn them. What a joke of a party.