Steve King and Faith Goldy




What is the answer to the JQ?


What is even the question?


Beeon trying to get her to answer that one for a long time


First of all, we can all read/listen, and that wasn’t her point in the slightest. Nonsensical to even try and pretend that it was given whose podcast she was on and who the audience of that podcast was.

Secondly, words mean things…they aren’t neutral, existing in some meaning-free vacuum when they are stated. If the 14 Words are stated by a person who has knowledge of their origin and intent, they are ALWAYS aimed at “someone”.

Finally, you complained that we “focused on one thing Faith Goldy said, and declared her a racist based on that one thing” when the fact of the matter is, we have provided plenty of other things she have said that put to the lie that her speaking the 14 Words and agreeing them has the “innocent” explanation” you claimed it did.

Yet YOU are the one ignoring this other evidence and focusing on the “one thing”.

Now why would you do that, I wonder?

I really do wonder why you are defending her so much. I really hope it isn’t as shallow as she’s conservative and she’s cute. Because those are really shallow reasons to defend a racist.


The 14 words are not fine. They are terrible.


I’m of the opinion that things would be a lot easier here if we didn’t have to be politically correct.


Agreed. I often wonder what we would see if people didn’t obscure some of their true beliefs.


A trump rally


When you look for hate and see hate, where there is no hate, I can only conclude it’s the overflow from your own life.


I wonder if people in the 1940s excused similar stuff.


When someone talks of the “JQ”, what does that mean?


Jesus was a Jew and is my Lord and Savior. This Truth…to be true…means I have no animosity for Jews and I conclude Faith does not either. Her name even broadcasts that.


You don’t want to answer the question. I understand.


I choose not to step in dog doo-doo either…but please, “feel” free to go ahead and roll in it.


Except you already did.


You don’t believe that Faith Goldy has animosity for the Jews.

Okay then… While talking to Stefan Molyneaux ( someone who has claimed that “Jewish Led Communism” has led to millions of deaths of Russian Christians… a “race realist” who doesn’t believe that humanity is a single species)

So while talking to that guy… not a rare occurance mind you… she says that the Unite the Right Rally has “robust” and “Well thought out ideas” about the “JQ”… that the Charlottesville Statement is akin to the Tennis Court Oath at the beginning of the French Revolution.

So when she says something like that… what do you think that she means and why is she couching it in the terms that are very familiar ti White Supremacists while talking to a White Supremacist?


I gotta better question. Why is she getting a pass? Obama couldn’t even set a good example for his daughters while riding a bike without getting major grief.


So so true. With Trumps emboldening of racists and bigots we have seen a few masks slip over the psst two years.

I just wish they would be honest. If they are racist embrace it and use it as an opportunity to educate others as to why they have those beliefs. But because they keep it secret i csn only surmise that at their core they know it is fuelled by hatred and fear but to admit that openly means questioning themselves in a way that is simply unthinkable.


They keep it secret because it works and they can affect more people covertly (pass on their hate).

Once the Feds busted up the KKK they had to splinter and evolve. They just continue to evolve.