Steve King and Faith Goldy


Faith is a conservative Canadian who loves the culture she grew up in and the only thing I’ve observed she hates are those that are tearing it down and applying a double standard to those sharing her beliefs. I can relate because I’m observing the same thing here in the US.


birds of a feather…


I think this about sums it up:

“If you ask me, banning me is kind of an exclusionary ideology, and as for the 14 Words? Nothing about them is exclusionary whatsoever,” Goldy said. “It doesn’t say that we support one group but not the other, they all have to go.”

“When Patreon said that I ‘recently’ said the 14 Words on a podcast that, friends, was a lie. I actually did so way back in December of 2017. I was appearing as a guest on a YouTube channel hosted by one Millennial Woes, where I was encouraged to say the 14 Words, something that I did without hesitation specifically because I wanted to articulate, as I did in the video, that these words in and of themselves are not hate speech,” Goldy said. “This is a simple statement of survival.”


“This is a simple statement of survival”.



So he has a track record of endorsing those on the far right.

It sounds to me like he knows exactly what he is doing.

We live in an age where a few seconds on Google will tell you if a person you are publicly endorsing has any untoward affiliations

I am so over giving people the benefit of the doubt. They are freaking public servants take some accountability and do you due diligence.

King has endorsed far right candidates so thats tell me supports their stances which tells me all I need to know about the man.


With people in my town, if I think they may have White Supremacist tendencies, I pay massive attention to they FIRST reaction to stuff. It’s really valuable.


Pro tip: If anyone talks about the Jewish Question, run as far away from them as possible.


Unless they’re good looking and talk about God and guns…then obfuscate.


@Smyrna Where did you go? Did you finally learn Faith is indefensible?


Maybe it was a different Jewish question. Like who is a best Jewish comedian.


He’s driving the economy so we can all have jobs and time to waste posting here.

So don’t be harsh on him, you ungrateful slacker!


@smyrna. What does JQ mean?


This is the perfect example of people choosing to light their hair on fire over something Goldy says…but where I agree with her. The problem is in the individual choosing to interpret their perceived hate in something where none exists. I don’t know if this is to give that individual some meaning or purpose in life but it’s nothing more than useless drama…as far as i’m concerned. If I run into hate speech and it’s aimed at someone, I simply confront it. I don’t look for it where it doesn’t exist as some sort of virtue badge of honor.


Disappointing that you choose not to answer any questions. You say you confront hate speech, but you are perfectly fine defending someone who thinks racists / anti-semites, have perfectly fine ideas about the Jewish question. Or thinks the 14 words are perfectly fine.


God this is rich. Confront this…what is JQ? Bueller? Bueller?


When Faith Goldy said to Stephan Molyneaux (another racist dirtbag) that the Unite the Right Rally had “robust” and “well thought out ideas” about the JQ.

Now… what do you think that she meant by that and why is she worth defending?


The 14 words are perfectly fine. Her point was that it’s who is saying them and what their intent is that may not be. Grow up my friend. Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you.


Oh my!?! :flushed::face_vomiting:


The 14 words were written by a domestic terrorist as a statement of white supremacy.

They are in no way “fine”


Holy ■■■■■ The mantra of White Supremacists everywhere, written by a domestic terrorist, convicted to a 190 year sentence for his involvement in the murder of a Jewish citizen, perfectly fine!?

The words are not fine, they are the mantra of racial separatists, who would love to see the US turn into some sort of white homeland. The words of a people who would love to see non-whites subjugated, the words of people who would love to see me and my family lynched, and hanging from a tree.

And you think the words are perfectly fine!?