Steve King and Faith Goldy


She is most famous in Canada for suggesting the 2017 Mosque shooting in Quebec was an false flag.


The more I learn about her the less I like.


Inversesly proportional to how Congressman king felt


They use the term ethnocide now.


Justin Bieber


Ok. Good point.


I can get the point of White Nationalism in Canada, we are very open to immigrant and multiculturalism. but the movement has never really found a major foothold outside of the 20-30 demographic.


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LOL, I guess I need to brush up on my racist lingo


They had to change it because people kept laughing at them for evoking the term genocide because they replaced a Prime Minsters with a Famous Black woman on the 10$ bill for one series.


God Help them if NDP win the next election and we have a Sikh Prime Minster, they might all flee to America.


Until they get a taste of the healthcare costs


Suggesting private healthcare over public is death sentence in Canadian politics.


I understand that Stormfront isn’t a mainstream conservative website. However, I also believe that mainstream conservative politicians should distance themselves from other politicians who associate themselves with Stormfront, otherwise they risk making sites like Stormfront from appearing to be in the mainstream of Conservationism.

I’m sorry that people didn’t understand my sarcasm.


Should King support a politician who did an interview for Stormfront?


You’ll do better exposing these nasty libs as misguided social justice warriors if you counter by providing evidence that Ms. Goldy is in fact a nice lady. The examples out there are plentiful; shouldn’t need more than two or three examples to shut this rabble down.

Thanks in advance! :us: Go Donald Go Goldy :canada:


Not that it is applicable, but I’ll destroy it anyway…

There is a world of difference between frequenting a website and basically cosigning with what is being stated on said site. I could go to DU or Stormfront, and it wouldn’t imply I agree with anything either one said. The problem starts when I start passing on the information or publicly supporting the people saying the crazy ■■■■ on those sites.

I frequent this site…and I disagree with Sean Hannity on lots of things. See how that works?


She came in third 3% of the vote.


25,667 people voted for her. In just one city.


Steve King benefits when other racists are in positions of power.