Steve King and Faith Goldy


Alright then…post a few videos of her displaying this hateful, white supremacist rhetoric that you despise? There are many examples to choose from.


Really…this is Mr. Hannity’s site and the poster believes that if you’re on a site, it represents your ideology. So…I applied it to the poster and guess what…this theory doesn’t work.


Doing some cursory googling of her as we post. She’s an interesting one. Certainly has the attention and approval of media outlets that aren’t subject to lib mob Fifth Column free cheese censorship, I can tell you that.


Thank you for looking. I don’t think she has the remotest chance of becoming mayor in this election but…she’s not a white supremacist IMHO. She’s a part of a new wave of lone journalists who make an income by posting interesting and informative videos on subjects of the day. I consider her very bright, vibrant and intelligent. She’s also viewing things from a conservative perspective.


She’s said some questionable things. Whether she’s engaged in a little eleventy-dimensional politicking to generate buzz and support from the fringe, or genuinely believes in some of the rhetoric she plays with, who can say.


There was one interview that got her fired by Ezra Levant from her journalist job with The Rebel. I’ve listened to it and although I didn’t find her commentary offensive, she was too nice for the environment. She was also complimentary to her host and when even if it was true…the air in the room smelled.


Easy enough And was already posted. Nevermind the fact that the daily stormer( ring a bell?)

sponsored her podcast during the Charlottesville murder but that is not obvious enough.

But here a video where she talks about how the Nazis have some good well though ideas about the “JQ” which is Nazi for Jewish question aka Jewish problem.

Again this was posted in the last thread which mysteriously got closed.


Oh…you go back to the same thing? There’s thousands of videos to choose from? You have nothing else? I knew this was the only thing you could possibly find and this is why she was fired at the Rebel. Now…I’ve listened to this…at what second is it that she condemns herself in your eyes?


Why did she work for the daily stormer?
What is JQ?


Don’t move the goal posts. Provide the video of the hate she said that you despise. Don’t get weak on me now.


I just did it’s in the exact video? What is JQ?


No you didn’t and stop playing games. Post the video of the thousands that are out there that displays the hatred you’re condemning. Can you do it or are you wrong?


There is the video right there talking about JQ! Thag is the hatred! Answer it What is JQ?


How about her doing segments on white genocide?

Ms. Goldy used to host a show on Rebel Media, Canada’s infotainment platform for the far-right. While there, she did a segment on how immigration [contributes] to “white genocide.” Around 80 per cent of Canadians are not, in Statistics Canada terms, “visible minorities.” Ms. Goldy says she’s worried that majority will soon end.

She also did things like post Instagram photos of herself in a sweatshirt emblazoned with the Crusades-era Jerusalem cross and a phrase meant to link today’s Christians to an age-old battle against Islam.


You couldn’t do it because it doesn’t exist. Faith is a nice, outspoken Canadian lady who is riling liberal feathers and nothing more.


She specifically uses JQ. What is JQ? Why is that so hard to answer?


Post the example of what you despise. This should be so easy yet…no lib can do it.


Faith is a White Nationalist who has questionable views on Jewish people.


She has a video called Multiculturalism = Ethnocide


I’ve never heard Represntative Mia love, Ambassador Nikki Halley, first ladies Bushes use that term before, why did she use it?