Steve King and Faith Goldy


I’m not really familiar with Canadian politics. It seems odd though that one of my favorite conservative politican would be making a statement of support for a Canadian politican. So i looked her up. This is what her wikipedia page says about her.

So my question is why is Steve King risk any of his political capital on this particular foreign politician? I just don’t get it. Does he usually weigh in on Canadian elections, or is this a special case for him?

Edit: Guys. Lets not call people names in this thread. Don’t use personal attacks, please.


Emphasizing that I am staying far away from accusing/namecalling anyone, let me ask you this - what political capital is King risking by endorsing this woman? There are those who will perceive this as just another example of the left unfairly slandering, smearing, and besmirching individuals who see the worth in putting their loyalty to country above all else, and rally in support.

I see it as quite the opposite of risking political capital.


You think that endorsing a racist is politically beneficial to King?

I would love an alternative explanation, but that’s certainly a viable one. I can’t think of anything else that makes sense.


Again, look at it from a different perspective.

“Goldy isn’t a racist, she just loves her country! These damned libs and their mob mentality Fifth State free cheese eatin’ politically correct communists will smear any decent patriot in a similar way. King’s just expressing his support for her national pride, and his contempt for those who see it as racist. We need to vote for candidates like Goldy and King before patriotism is outlawed and the country is overrun by foreign interests!”


Giving King benefit of the doubt, and lets say he doesn’t know about her podcast debut. Most likely he is just endorsing someone who holds similar political views to himself. A West is best, low immigration, Christian worldview.

He has previously also endorsed Frances Marine Le Pen.


Just so. And that worldview buys a LOT of capital in the circles King courts.


Even weirder is she’s not even considered a serious candidate with a zero chance of a respectable showing. So he’s not only endorsing a foreign politician but an incredibly obscure one at that and must really believe in what she’s selling


I don’t think there was ever any doubt that Steve King is a white nationalist.


Or the percentage of his base back in America that really believe in what she’s selling in Canada might be inspired to come out and support him at home if he expresses agreement with her words.


This ultimately has to be the biggest flaw in our Democracy today.


Maybe your favorite politician is more informed on the subject than yourself?


Is there ambiguity on the topic of appearing on a neo-nazi site?


Absolutely. He researched her and know full well she is a Nazi supporting white nationalist and he whole heartily endrosed her because of it.


Certainly not beholden to the lib mob financial sector that muzzles most media.


That’s entirely possible–maybe even probable.

I wonder other tidbits Steve King has up his sleeve to teach us.

I still haven’t learned the first lesson, but I’m ready for the next one anyway.


Fox News got too liberal. That’s why i seek out other sources.


Mr. Hannity is a conservative…are you?


Well that is a non sequitor.


That’s some pretty strong accusations. She’s a journalist and has a cazillion videos on Youtube. Pick a few that back up your strong conclusion? If she’s this hate filled, there’ll be plenty and this should be easy for you?


He’s just illustrating the fact that there are no Real Conservatives ™ left. They’ve all gone into exile.

Except for Donald. And he will lead the exiled out of the wilderness like a great, bigly-fingered lumberjack parting the evil woods of liberalism with large, expansive swings of his mighty axe.

All the while smelling of bald eagle and apple pie. :us: