Steve King again reminds you of why he is a terrible human being

Trying to defend his position against letting victims of rape or incest get abortions, everyone’s second or third favorite white nationalist opined about how both practices have been vital to sustaining humanity.

What if we went back through all the family trees and just pulled out anyone who was a product of rape or incest? Would there be any population of the world left if we did that?

Apparently we need to base modern healthcare policy on the actions of pillaging hordes in the dark ages. Makes total sense. It boggles the mind how this absolute clown is still representing people in Congress after his years of asinine remarks.

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God he’s weird. Despite that crazy ass defense, he does understand that people aren’t saying that victims of rape and incest HAVE to get abortions right? Just that it’s their right(along with every other woman).

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Well damn… We hit a new low with the DOW and this guy’s comment

is he running for West Virginia house or something?

He has comfortably nestled into the New Republican Party.

He’s a Froot Loop of the highest order yet Trumpists support him. Go figure.

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Nothing like some good forceable rape to populate the earth

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Aren’t we pretty much done figuring. He’s an outright white nationalist and it’s popular.


Interesting that he thinks rape and incest are all that common. Rape, kind of. But incest?? Makes you wonder about him.

Well, yeah.

But he’s now clarified that he’s a white nationalist and pro rapey baby too.

Good home for him, I guess.

Makes me think that King’s family tree might not have that many branches.


He makes it hard to understand which side of the Republican Party to support.

The pro rapey/incesty reproduction coalition?

Or the “women got a way to shut that whole thing down” bloc?
It’d a touch choice.

If it weren’t for the “legitimate rape” wing.

I got nothing.

It is hard to understand. Because you’d think the women would have a way to shut down incest pregnancies too. Hopefully someone will come along soon to explain what he really meant.

Maybe this guy? image

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That was my take, what a weird thing to say.

Maybe. Certainly creepy enough.

The baby didn’t rape anyone. Western civilization is Cool…

Not as cool as you my friend.

Maybe he’s just trying to grow his wing of the Republican party?

Can someone really be this ■■■■■■■ stupid?