Steve Bannon's friend in Italy, Matteo Salvini, wants to "deal" with the Gypsies

This far-right punk says that “unfortunately” he can deport the Italian-born Roma, but he will conduct a Census to count them all deport the illegal ones…

I wonder how the Italian-born Roma feel about their government describing their presence in Italy as unfortunate…

I am sure Benito is proud.

He want’s to deport the illegals, not exactly a problem.

“Unfortunately we will have to keep the Italian Roma because we can’t expel them,” Salvini, who is head of the far-right League, told television station Telelombardia.


He doesn’t like Gypsies because of the crime they rely on to make their living.

The far-right scum would expel all of them if he could.

So would a whole lot of Italians.

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Which of course doesn’t make it right.

Neither does a whole culture living as a criminal enterprise.

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Yes, the Italian government should work harder to integrate the Roma.

What the hell? The gov’t can’t force them to “integrate”, they are a closed society by choice.

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I didn’t say anything about forcing anyone. Please.

What’s your solution to these problems?

His solution is what it always is.

Act punitively with a smug sense of moral superiority.

Punishment is the solution to all problems.

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“In a subsequent statement, Salvini said the government had no intention of setting up a separate archive for the Roma or taking finger prints, but wanted to protect Roma children who were barred from going to local schools by their parents.”

Of course you can take your choice of which of the statements he really means. That, of course, will be based on pre conceived ideas.

How else is the gov’t to do it if not by force? They are a closed society by choice. They run their families as criminal enterprises by choice.

You can’t make people choose to integrate if they don’t want to do so.

What is my solution? I don’t have one you would like. It starts with treating their families the same way mob families were treated, as organized criminal enterprises with extremely long and harsh sentences for those that can be caught and convicted.

Make the price so high it is no longer worth it to continue as they have been for hundreds of years.

I said he would expel them if he could. You disagree?

There are ways to convince people other than force. And crimes should be prosecuted, of course. Why would I not like that?

Really, tell us in detail about those ways that will cause a society which is closed by choice to suddenly willfully integrate with the rest of society without the use of force.

Crack down on their criminal activity, lock up as many of the bad guys as possible, and convince the rest they’re better off integrating economically.

That is brute force.

Prosecuting criminals is brute force?