Steve Bannon indicted in NY!

"But it won’t let you donate anymore.

Darn and I had 10k that I was gonna to donate to build that wall.

Maybe someone else will take it from me.


Yeah no thread deflection here, right?

Not 100% confirmed yet.

It is being reported, but not bigly.

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"It’s just a reasoning assemblage of objective reality.

Meet it or Shirk it."

They arrested Bannon off of Guo Wengui’s yacht. Oh man, if Guo was there he must have been crapping his pants thinking they were coming for him.

The men first learned they were under federal investigation in October 2019 and “thereafter took additional steps to conceal the fraudulent scheme.”

All of this is hilarious. When did Barr know and when did he tell Trump?


What a quote.

Saying the quiet parts aloud.

Protip: The forum search for “Kolfage” is a gold mine.

This aged well:

Man, was this one-hit-poster Brian Kolfage himself?

Here’s some of the first posts on the forum I see referencing Kolfage back in December '18


No surprise here, so called conservatives put in place a known liar, dishonest, scammer as the head of our country now the rest of his cockroaches want a piece of the pie.

But so called conservatives turned Trumpers are so brainwashed at this point they will take getting robbed blind over “socialism” its sad


Im sure Trump and Barr will be making noise on Bannon’s behalf soon.

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Another example of the value of the postal service.


Looking forward to tomorrow’s hearings.

The brain trust. Good lord.

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“Steve Bannon? I may have met him a couple times, but I barely knew him. He didn’t do anything important for me”.


Did they endorse and approve the alleged money laundering to the managers, or just the wall?

They endorsed a scam.
They also lobbied the Army to give them a 500 million contract.

Some very fine people those Trumps surround them self with…

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Grifters surrond themselves with other grifters and marks.

Sad I liked Bannon much more than Trump. Maybe he will get Clinton foundation treatment and everything will just goes away.

Clinton Foundation, you mean the one that that’s never been shown to do anything wrong? That has the best rating possible?

Sketch of a shackled Steve Bannon appearing in court in the SDNY.