States see record high cases

Oh boy - not great news for the summer.

Go ahead, try to put the population back in lockdown, & close public spaces, I dare those gov to do that again.

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Not bad everywhere though

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7-Day Rolling Averages (change week-over-week):
New Tests/Day: 470,049 (up 15.3%)
New Positives/Day: 21,047 (down 3.2%)
Pct of Positive Tests: 4.5% (down from 5.3%)
Deaths/Day: 819 (down 19.8%)


I see upticks at the tail? I wonder if there’s any correlation to the protests?

There is sure to be some effect, but I think it’s too soon for the protests to be a factor. average 5 day incubation and people don’t seem to get sick enough o get tested for 5 days past that…that don’t end up in the hospitals until about 2-3 weeks after exposure I think.

So this current uptick is probably related to opening. The protests will show up end of this week, early next I think…

Other concerning thing about the protests…mostly young people, who will not get terribly sick…might by asymptomatic. But contagious…

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Good thing democrats no longer care about COVID.


Thanks for the spike in China Virus cases, libs. Y’all did this. :wink:

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We will make it…I promise.


It is OK.

The cause is worth the risk.

The George Floyd funeral yesterday was beautiful. Poor guy will have his peace now.


But we were told you can’t pass it around outside!!!

It’s all good.

Herd immunity and then hockey can return.



I almost cared for about 3 weeks and that was that.


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Were there a lot of protests in the south and the southwest?

Also, it’s too early for the protest numbers - which are certain to come eventually - to show up on the graph.

Who said that?

Actions speak louder than words.

Of course it is. That way, libs can try to blame everything else except for their fellow lib voters out there spreading their diseases. :wink:


Nice of you to ignore the question in my post.

Here is SC.

Were there a lot of protests there?

You can see the trend starts up around may 19.

Were there protests around May 5, because large gatherings on May 5 would lead to cases being reported about 2 weeks after.

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And this is a completely disingenuous charge.

I stated very clearly in this thread that the protests will lead to new cases. You just chose to ignore that.


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The lockdown ended 14 days ago. Libs have been looting and spreading disease for 13 days. Thanks, libs! :+1: