State of the Union Location

optics alone makes it a horrible idea. his numbers are dropping and your grand idea is to use his hotel?

All you do is play to the base…Which i know is all you have ( as being part of the base ) but thats not going to work for the rest of america who doesnt want the wall.

Actually I stand by a post I mede the day Nancy P suggested he postpone.

That would be an address from the oval office. One the address had been made on TV, he THEN transmitts a written copy to the minority and majority leader of both houses of congress.

But now he could start the address with, The Speaker of the house has refused to let me address a joint session of congress, as such, my constitutionally required state of the unioin is being made from the white house, and will be transmitted to the members of congress tomorrow.

sure. if the networks cover it…and if i was them i wouldnt…

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How does that look for the networks NOT to do a live coverage of the state of the union address?

He’s not under any time crunch to perform his constitutionally-obligated responsibility.

I’m sure that what you describe is an option that he and his team are considering, but I doubt they’ll do it. They dont want to lose the chance to do it for real when the government opens.

What the hell would he say? “The State of our union is in Shutdown?”

It’s not a “real” SOTU. The networks will jump at the chance to not have to air it.

It’s a nightmare for the Letter networks, they hate airing it. No one watches it - re-runs of sitcoms get better ratings.

The cable channels will carry it.

Start with The speaker of the house denying a joint session of congress.

hit tax reform
hit that they are tracking down people illegally in the country and arrestign them
hit that they are rolling back unnecessary regulations
hit that they are appointing judges to the courts
hit that minorities have the lowest unemployment rate
hit that manufacturing rates grew the fasted in 23 years under his administration
hit that he has put sanctions in Iran again.

Then onto this part:

and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient;

Say that we need to stay for course of the first two years. Level the playing field for US businesses by way of Tariff’s when needed. That we need to secure our border, that we need to continue to remove people who are in this country illegally, and stress that by crossing the border in the way they have, they are violation our laws, by getting jobs they are violating our laws, those harboring them and employing them are violating our laws.

Now here is my pipe dream: Tell congress that he will NOT sign any CR’s after September 30th 2019. That congress now has 7 months to give him a bill to get the government open with funding for the wall, and get actuall budgets passed. Tell congress that the budget needs to be cut and they should find ways to do it.

Thank the american people for listening, and end the speach. make it a record short speach.

Like I said some of the ending stuff is a pipe dream . . . but oh well.

How is it NOT a “real” state of the Union Address?

I’d love to know.

He should do it at the site where he wants to build his wall/fence/what ever the hell he is calling it. He can wear a light up jacket like David Hasselhof did when he preformed when the Berlin Wall came down.

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You misunderstand. As far as the Constitution is concerned, what you describe would fulfill the President’s Constitutional responsibility.

But it won’t look like a real State of the Union. It doesn’t have the same ritual. It’ll look like Trump giving a really ■■■■■■■ long speech to an audience of sycophants.

We’ll have to agree to disagree.

I think the optics would be extremely bad for the media to refuse to air the presidents state of the union address.

Oh, it’ll be on all the cable news networks. But I’d be surprised if the alphabet networks aired them.

This is about viewership. Of the grouping of America that doesn’t have cable, do you think many of them want to watch politicians talk on TV?

Trump should do that, turn the State of the Union address into a $10,000 a plate fundraiser, for his legal defense fund.

Its almost like the House hates the President.

Fine…they didnt cover an Obama speech in 2013…or they cover it and it still looks bad…trump painted himself into a corner…

Funny the Canadian State of the Union is not held in the House of Common (House of Representatives) because the Queen isn’t allowed in there Its held in the Senate.

He could tweet it. He could give it to a single interviewer.

The Dems would still hear it.


Optics have never mattered to Trump – which is what gets libs bent out of shape.

Besides, even done in a way that would create perfect optics, the media would be sure to spin it as unfavorably as possible.

Because TDS.