State of the Union Location

Trump should host a Superbowl Party in another stadium and give his State of the Union speech at half-time

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Trump should see if the Senate can accommodate House Republicans and any Democrats willing to come to hear his speech.

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Who would pay for it? Super Bowl would make more money off commercials. The government wouldn’t even be able to pay.

I’m sure he can get all the space he wants at The Kremlin.

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He could sell tickets to it. Make it a fundraiser for the broke federal employees protecting his butt.


Trump giving the SOTU to his own party with no Democrats because he cant get a wall

I could see him sinking that low

Can he do it from Covington school ?


Madison Square Garden

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He should fly to an aircraft carrier and deliver it under a “Mission Accomplished” banner.


The Duma.

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Lets see how many of you I can trigger.

Wonder if the hotel in the old DC post office has a ball room? Wonder if said ballroom can hold at least 600 people?

This will be fun to watch :smiley:


Go for it. Secret service isn’t being paid but that doesn’t mean Trump can’t skim a money from the government.

Love the optics.

The Throne speech in UK Parliament is given in the House of Lords (Senate) because the MPs lock the door and don’t let the Queen in the Commons.

not only do the lock the door but tradition is when the Black Rod comes to get the MPs they slam the door in his face as a show that the Queen has no authority over them.

Democrats are happy to wall off the President from the House Chamber.

There is an irony to that . . .

Great idea.

Why would that trigger anyone ? :confused:

That would actually be pretty cool

you hehe didnt hehe really hehe think this through did you?

How did I not think it through?

If the federal government finds a location large enough, and pays the going rate for the space . . . . there is nothing wrong with it.

How did I not think it through?

Latest word is he’s pushing for a campaign style rally event and his aids are pushing hard to dissuade him of the idea. He totally doesn’t understand how terrible the optics would be.